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Dibakor Boruah

Wed, 08 January, 2020

Student Name

Dibakor Boruah

Research Title

Structural integrity assessment of cold spray additively manufactured (CSAM) Ti-6Al-4V alloy


Cold spray additive manufacturing, residual stresses, mechanical performance, fatigue, Ti6Al4V alloy


Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Affiliated University

Coventry University


Dr Matthew Doré (TWI Ltd.), Prof Xiang Zhang and Dr Abdul Khadar Syed (Coventry University)

Start Date

January 2017

Project Outline

This project aims at developing a structural integrity assessment methodology for CSAM Ti-64 alloy for repair and additive manufacturing applications, with a focus on understanding residual stress development mechanisms, static mechanical properties, fatigue response, and damage tolerance performance. Three different post-deposition thermal treatments (STA, HIP, and HIP+STA) were used to improve the performance of cold spray deposited Ti-64 material in terms of microstructure and mechanical performance. Basic characterisation of laser-assisted cold spray (LACS) deposited Ti-64 alloy was also investigated to overcome some of the limitations with the normal cold spray process.

The results of this research will help the industry to improve CSAM technology further to use it for structural repair and additive manufacturing applications. For remanufacturing applications, it will deliver significant financial savings over the cost of replacement while promoting sustainable manufacturing and circular economy.


Experimental evaluation of interfacial adhesion strength of cold sprayed Ti-6Al-4V thick coatings using an adhesive-free test method

Evaluation of residual stresses induced by cold spraying of Ti-6Al-4V on Ti-6Al-4V substrates

Theoretical prediction of residual stresses induced by cold spray with experimental validation

An analytical method for predicting residual stress distribution in selective laser melted/sintered alloys