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Quick Guide to Leadership Training for Managers

Thu, 18 April, 2024

Benefits of Leadership and Management Training Courses (UK)

An essential part of any organisation's success is the continuous training and development of the management team through leadership training. It enables line managers and senior management to develop effective leadership and management skills, which are crucial for leading teams effectively and driving business growth.

Today, there are various leadership programmes and courses available to help managers develop and enhance their leadership skills. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of leadership training and some of the best courses available, including our funded course Senior Leaders (Executives).

Online learning has become a popular option for leadership and management courses. The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) offers online leadership and management courses, including leadership development programmes and management training courses. With CMI, managers can develop their leadership skills and gain internationally recognised qualifications that can help them progress in their careers.

One of the significant benefits of online leadership courses is that they provide a flexible learning experience that allows managers to study at their own pace and from any location. Managers can also interact with other management teams, share ideas and experiences, and learn from each other. Additionally, online learning is cost-effective and saves time compared to traditional face-to-face courses.

However, face-to-face courses are still a popular option for many managers. Business schools and institutes of leadership and management offer a range of management and leadership skills courses. These courses provide an opportunity for team leaders to learn and develop specific skills in a classroom setting. They can also network with other managers and receive feedback and support from expert instructors.

Our Senior Leader programme with De Montfort University and Leicester Castle Business School offers flexible learning options, allowing those on the programme to study without sacrificing time away from work. The programme is funded through an apprenticeship levy and offers high-quality leadership training for modern executives. Graduates receive a Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration and have the option to gain Chartered Manager status (CMgr MCMI). In addition, you can opt for the MBA top-up, which significantly reduces the cost of obtaining an MBA through a traditional programme.

Senior Leader Apprenticeship - Funded management training with an optional MBA top-up

Leadership training for managers can help managers develop different leadership styles, depending on the organisation's needs and culture. For example, a transformational leadership style can inspire and motivate employees to achieve their goals, while a servant leadership style focuses on serving the needs of employees. By understanding different leadership styles, managers can choose the style that best suits their team and organisation.

Leadership training for managers is essential for any organisation's success. It provides managers with the necessary skills to lead their teams effectively and drive business growth. With the availability of online learning, managers can develop their leadership skills flexibly and cost-effectively. However, face-to-face courses are still a popular option, providing managers with a classroom setting to learn and network with other managers. Regardless of the chosen mode of learning, leadership training can help managers develop their leadership skills and enhance their management abilities.

Leadership training courses are part of the continuous and development of any executive train. Photo: Unsplash
Leadership training courses are part of the continuous and development of any executive train. Photo: Unsplash