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Looking for a PhD in Cambridge? 4 Great Opportunities in May

Mon, 29 April, 2024

Begin your PhD Journey with a Funded Project from NSIRC

The NSIRC Industrial Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme and the Innovation and Management PhD are currently offering several research opportunities in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Based at TWI headquarters in Abington, Cambridge, NSIRC provides fully-funded PhD opportunities where the research is in high demand from global industries. These research projects address urgent industrial needs for new technology and provide innovative solutions to global challenges. By undertaking these PhD projects, researchers will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research and develop practical solutions to industrial problems.


The programmes currently offer three full-time PhD studentships and a new part-time PhD research programme in the following areas:

1. Advancement and Application of Microwave Techniques for Non-Destructive Testing

Full-time - Awarded by The University of Manchester and funded by TWI Ltd

With the growing use of non-metallic structural materials, such as glass fibre-reinforced plastic in the marine and renewable energy sectors and polymers for instance, high-density polyethylene in pipelines, non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of these materials is becoming a growing and pressing challenge. This project aims to increase the technology readiness level of microwave NDE by addressing fundamental laboratory challenges and transferring techniques to practical use. The project involves the investigation and realization of improved microwave probe design, data processing, and visualization techniques to provide a robust method of data analysis, flaw characterization and sizing. AI/machine learning algorithms for data processing, assisted or automated flaw detection, 3D EM solvers, and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) focusing will be used to refine spatial resolution.

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2. Electrical Properties and Performance of Conducting Polymer Composites

Full-time - Awarded by Brunel University London and funded by TWI Ltd

The electrical properties of composites have various applications across different industry sectors, such as electromagnetic shielding, heating elements, and induction welding. However, there are also issues of lightning strike damage, electrostatic discharge in pipes, and Galvanic corrosion. Therefore, it is crucial to have a complete understanding of the electrical behaviour of composites to exploit their full potential as materials. This PhD aims to deepen the understanding of how current flows in composite materials, improve the quality of manufacturing by exploiting their electrical properties, enhance the performance of composite parts, measure electrical properties considering fibre anisotropy and current frequency, develop simulation tools for design and optimisation of composites in electrical applications, and provide innovation in composite materials that exploits their unique electrical behaviour.

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3. Structural Integrity of Offshore Wind Substructures

Full-time - Awarded by the University of Strathclyde and funded by TWI Ltd

The corrosion inside offshore wind turbine substructures is a significant problem that needs to be addressed as it can lead to premature failures of the substructures. The current FCGR laws in BS 7910 were generated from tests performed on specimens and welds that were fully immersed in seawater, and they may not be representative of the environment experienced by offshore wind substructures. Therefore, it is crucial to document the extent of the corrosion inside the substructures and compare the environment with that used in the tests to propose alternative approaches. By developing and testing new methods to obtain FCGR from steel in a seawater environment that is relevant to offshore wind substructures, we can compare the results obtained with the current FCGR laws and explain any differences between the results obtained and the existing standard recommendations.

Student Accepted - Topic Closed


4. Innovation and Management PhD*

Part-time - Awarded by Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)

The Innovation and Management programme is a part-time doctorate that equips professionals with advanced skills and techniques to lead successful research campaigns. This unique programme is offered by the award-winning Anglia Ruskin University and is designed for a diverse audience of industries and individuals passionate about developing new strategies for their organisations. 

What sets this and other NSIRC opportunities apart is their industry focus, which is supported by senior academics at the university, and innovation experts at TWI Ltd. This programme offers students a self-developed research project that critically investigates topics of innovation and management with the potential to benefit their organisations.

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Enquire today and begin your journey to successfully lead research campaigns and provide your organisation with a competitive advantage.

If you are interested in any of these research projects, please visit the website to learn more and apply.


*Self-funded or through your own organisation

TWI is one of the world's leading independent engineering research and technology organisations and has supported over 100 industrial PhD students since 2012. Photo: TWI Ltd
TWI is one of the world's leading independent engineering research and technology organisations and has supported over 100 industrial PhD students since 2012. Photo: TWI Ltd