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Norbert presents at Electron Beam Technologies Conference

Mon, 05 September, 2022

NSIRC Alumnus Dr Norbert Sieczkiewicz presented research conducted during his PhD to the 14th International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies (EBT).

Held in Varna, Bulgaria, the conference was organised by the Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, and Technological Center of Electron Beam and Plasma Technologies and Tehnique Ltd.

Norbert presented his work on ‘Monitoring keyhole stability in electron beam welding by analysing high dynamic range camera images and backscattered electron signals.’ The presentation talked about the result of a control experiment conducted, on titanium grade 5 samples, to monitor keyhole stability and gap defects.

The experiment was conducted on titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) samples, prepared at TWI, for welding, with a gap opened stepwise to simulate gap defects and introduce keyhole instability. Experiments were supported with the usage of a high dynamic range welding camera (owned by TWI), from which processed images revealed a weld pool instability on every step of the gap.

"Participating in 14th EBT Conference was a great opportunity to showcase research and findings to academic and industrial experts in the field of Electron Beam Welding (EBW). It gave me an opportunity to have a first look on the latest research and development carried out by experts and institutions in the EBW field."

Norbert's presentation at the NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference 2022. Video: TWI Ltd / NSIRC

Today, Norbert is a Science and Research Engineer at Dyson, having previously worked as Project Support for the TWI Technology Innovation Management section.

His’s PhD is awarded by Lancaster University and sponsored by Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF). His research is ‘Approaches to Industry 4.0 implementation for electron beam quality assurance using BeamAssure™’ supervised by Prof Andrew Kennedy and Dr Yingtao Tian from Lancaster University and Dr Colin Ribton from TWI Ltd.

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