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Everything you should know about AWeldI

Mon, 11 April, 2022

A guide to AWeldI for NSIRC postgraduate students

AWeldI is an associate membership offered by The Welding Institute, a professional body that is leading the global engineering society of welding and joining professionals, since 1923.

Being a licensed member of the Engineering Council provides The Welding Institute with the ability to not only assess nationally registered technicians and engineers but also nominate and support its members to become registered.

Working with its limited arm TWI Ltd to take on research and development (R&D) projects, the Welding Institute provides a research-backed and authoritative guide to the government of UK and Engineering Council, along with other professional engineering and technicians’ institutes.

What exactly is AWeldI?

AWeldI stands for Associate Membership of The Welding Institute, and is the only membership offered that can be gained by anyone for simply having an interest in welding and joining field.

Other memberships, such as Technician (TechWeldI), Member (MWeldI), and Fellow (FWeldI) require certain work experience, professional expertise, educational background and degrees in a related field, along with an annual subscription and application fee.

MAG Welding. Photo: TWI Ltd
MAG Welding. Photo: TWI Ltd

How much does AWeldI cost?

The cost of becoming an AWeldI member starts from £128.00. An application and recurring annual subscription fees also apply, but, enrolled students can access student associate membership at a discounted price of £50.00, which will be valid throughout their course duration for up to 5 years.

For NSIRC students that are either enrolled in PhD or Master programmes, AWeldI membership can be gained for free after joining your academic programme.

Benefits of AWeldI membership for NSIRC students are...

Registering in NSIRC directly makes you a AWeldI member of the welding institute for which students do not have to pay the membership fee of £80, every year, and empower students to participate in various International Institute of Welding (IIW) events which bring together international materials joining community.

Also, AWeldI students can enjoy branch activities offered by the Welding Institute, providing an invaluable opportunity to build their professional and social networks and get their work published in top-rated scientific journals referenced in Web-of-Science.

For NSIRC students, the membership opens doors to the Library and Information Services that contains eBooks, TWI Ltd’s technical knowledge for example papers, case studies, webinar archive, and job knowledge, along with access to the database on unique citations and abstracts on welding, joining and allied technologies.

They can utilise this technical information to improve their projects and collaborate with industry experts through networking.

How can I apply to the Welding Institute?

Visit the Welding Institute website to find out more about the application process for AWeldI and other membership options.

What can I study with NSIRC and how can I join?

NSIRC is offering PhD and MSc degrees that cover a wide range of research areas including, but not limited to:

  • Risk-based inspection
  • Engineering critical assessment
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Structural health
  • Condition monitoring and ensuring structures
  • Asset reliability management for use in industrial applications

To become our programmes applicants must fulfil entry requirements outlined on each degree page, such as equivalent English language proficiency.

The study modules from our MSc and PhD courses are designed in line with industry trends and in collaboration with top tier universities in the UK.

Discover more by visiting our programme pages | Masters, Professional Learning & PhD Programmes