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Norbert Sieczkiewicz to present at ASTM ICAM 2021

Wed, 11 August, 2021

PhD Student Norbert Sieczkiewicz is set to present at ASTM Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence’s ICAM 2021.

Taking place in Anaheim, California and virtually, between November 1 to 5, Norbert's presentation is titled, 'Electron beam characterisation using time series imaging and deep learning'.

He is currently in the 3rd year of his PhD course with NSIRC and TWI Ltd in the United Kingdom, awarded by Lancaster University and sponsored by Lloyd's Register Foundation. For his PhD studies, Norbert is examining electron beam welding quality assurance.

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Colin Ribton, TWI Technology Fellow and PhD Supervisor said, "This research is directly relevant to the quality assurance aim of examining the process rather than the product. It aims to provide fundamental research into the use of industrially deployable sensors and the pre-processing and analysis of data from sensors to correlate with the welding quality, using novel methods and artificial intelligence tools. By improving quality assurance, with a particular focus on aerospace products, the outputs from the research will contribute towards manufacturing efficiency and aircraft reliability and safety."

The current Industry 4.0 revolution, is allowing electron beam welders to benefit from multi-sensor architecture, supported by artificial intelligence tools. This “driven by data” project is focused on creating a solution based on multiple sources of data, which include images, welding parameters and electrical signals from two sensors – the BeamAssure probe developed at TWI and a backscattered electron collector plate.

Main challenges addressed by the project arise from synchronous and parallel data collection, data processing, image recognition and unified data management (from data acquisition to analysis) using multi-core processing.

Photo: ASTM Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence’s ICAM 2021
Photo: ASTM Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence’s ICAM 2021


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