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TWI provides advice, consultancy, research and development, and specialist testing facilities to the shipbuilding industry and its supply chain, focusing on improving productivity in manufacturing, reducing the need for reworking, and identifying and remedying problems of corrosion and fatigue.

Backed by over 40 years of research, TWI is recognised worldwide as a leading authority on the analysis and avoidance of failures in marine fabrications, including expertise in:

  • Ultrasonic detection and mapping of corrosion in structures and pipes

  • The combined effects of corrosion and fatigue in various electrolytes, including sea water.

Other services include:

  • Predicting life expectancy and recommending economically viable joint design to enhance fatigue resistance

  • Advising on cost-effective surface treatments to enhance corrosion and fatigue resistance

  • Running special fatigue testing contracts in state-of-the-art laboratories

  • Choosing materials and appropriate cutting, forming and welding processes.

As a specialist in the joining of non-metallic materials such as engineering plastics and composites – which are increasingly used for marine applications – TWI can advise on:

  • Materials selection

  • Joining methods such as welding or adhesive bonding

  • Joining procedure development and qualification

  • Fabrication strategies to control distortion

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques.

Adding value

TWI helps Member companies to plan their move towards increased mechanisation by:

  • Prioritising the activities where most savings can be made

  • Developing a productivity improvement strategy

  • Advising on ways to avoid labour-intensive processes 

  • Recommending and justify alternative processes.

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Driving change

As an independent authority, TWI liaises with classification societies, ship owners, designers and builders to achieve agreement in areas where traditional specifications are inappropriate.

TWI has been a major contributor to the drafting of National and International Standards for the design and assessment of structures to resist fatigue in both steel and aluminium.

In addition, TWI supports the Marine Corrosion Club, and has published 100 papers over 30 years addressing corrosion cracking of stainless steels.

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