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TIA has provided fully funded innovation support to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Tees Valley region, some of the innovative SME’s currently involved are shown below:


Pollywood Ltd are a British start-up who aim to change the world of construction as well as many other industries with their revolutionary, eco-friendly and lightweight wooden tube.

The company are developing the brainchild of Steve Crighton, the founder and Managing Director of Pollywood Ltd. The product is a highly versatile hollow wooden tube, with a strength to weight ratio 12 times better than aluminium and 22 times better than steel. This exciting new powerful wood composite material is made almost entirely from natural grown products and a patent is being sought for the product and the process of manufacture.

The developed product will have a huge range of applications across many sectors of the economy, with interest already being shown from sectors such as; automotive, Formula 1, aerospace, councils and the electricity distribution network operators.


PragmatIC is a world leader in ultra-low-cost flexible electronics. Our unique technology platform enables innovators to create novel solutions to everyday problems that are beyond the scope of conventional electronics.

Our ConnectIC® family of flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) are thinner than a human hair and extend proven applications such as RFID and NFC into mass market use cases, enabling the potential for trillions of smart objects that can engage with consumers and their environments.

PragmatIC is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with our first billion-unit production facility in Sedgefield. Shareholders include Cambridge Innovation Capital, Arm and Avery Dennison.


FNVi have created a truly ground breaking and disruptive software system in Accord that greatly increases workflow visibility, enabling much closer control than any other system is able, with resultant substantial savings to be made in project expenditure, whilst vastly increasing safety management and project schedule security.

Respectfully, clients are always very quick to ask about price, rather than about the benefits and the savings that this system will enable. Quite simply it is most cost effective when compared with the legacy of ageing software and/or a differing array of spreadsheets and other supporting data management methods.


Set up in 2004, Amazing Interactives began to develop and supply next generation visual software and hardware installations for the various markets.

The Amazing Interactives team has now installed more than 1,000 complex audio visual systems including 3D projection and immersive rooms in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and visitor attractions around the world.

It is a forward thinking company which innovates new ideas and concepts, and has several trademarks and patents pending.  Unlike most AV companies it specialises in full turnkey solutions covering both software and hardware.


Sapere are a modern, professional software design and development company based in the North East of England, working with a huge range of industries both nationally and across the North East of England.

They’ve worked in almost every business, educational and charity sector. These have included but are not limited to heavy industry, leisure and finance to oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. They are proud to provide world-class software consultancy, software design and software development services for business and industry throughout North East England & UK. Sapere aim always to give clients the confidence to reimagine their business, to modernise and leap forward with the latest and most effective technology available.

tia-sme-buboBubo AI work closely with academia and universities to drive the pricing research agenda and develop forward thinking pricing solutions based on the latest Artificial Intelligence and machine learning research available.

Bubo’s strong links with academia and universities enable them to deliver leading-edge technology based on comprehensive research and studies, particularly in the field of AI.

Their machine learning algorithm finds the maximum a customer is really willing to pay for products so businesses can maintain demand for their product and services without leaving money on the table.


Based on Teesside, UK, and founded in 2000, Unasys are specialists in managing the complexities associated with oil and gas projects during close-out and start-up phases.

They provide ‘best practice’ solutions and have supported clients worldwide with the skills they need to ensure projects eliminate delays, reduce costs and deliver results, which has led to securing numerous repeat orders and a great reputation in the industry.  The success of the company has been based around providing a clear path to completion and start-up.

After delivering on projects around the world and ensuring a flawless startup - delivered on time and in budget, Unasys is developing the Digital North Sea. This digital twin will revolutionise the late life extension and management of the North Sea basin. Backed by the OGTC, this development will help the UK to become the global expert in decommissioning and reuse of existing assets as well as incorporating emerging renewable energy technologies.

tia-sme-clewsFounded by Dr Michael Ross, a retired GP, CLEWS® Medical is an R&D, Med Tech and Life Sciences company with a mission to transform clinical health assessments for adults and children, worldwide.

CLEWSclinical® for adults and CLEWSkids® for children will be non-invasive remote monitoring multi-sensor medical devices for the capture of critical biometric values and the calculation and transmission of Clinical Early Warning Scores* in real-time, enabling Digital Triage by clinicians to determine the right care at the right time at the right place.  Initially CLEWS® will be available to ambulance services, telehealth and telecare providers, pharmacies in the United Kingdom and Europe. International expansion will be in developed countries with Partners, and in less developed countries with the assistance of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).*

An Early Warning Score (EWS) is a guide used by medical services to quickly determine the degree of illness of a patient. It is based on the vital signs - respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood pressure, pulse/heart rate, and level of consciousness response. Originally used in acute care hospital settings, CLEWS® expanded use in ambulance and emergency services, primary care, community care, schools, military and sports medicine, will have a major impact on early, accurate assessments and best care interventions.


Mycosol use MycoRemeadiation as a process of natural methods to reduce levels of ground contamination within permissible levels.

Through analysis and a tailored site specific suite, Mycosol can offer an alternative, carbon efficient, cost effective solution to maximising the efficiency of current un-usable brownfield areas. Key benefits of the MycoRemediation process include Biological In-situ treatment with reduced offsite works. The process also offers a solution to the pressures of increasing Landfill demands.

Through continued research and development Mycosol focuses on positioning itself at the forefront of the green technology treatment for brownfield remediation. It will do this by offering the optimal solution of site remediation using a mycelium based environmentally friendly product.

tia-sme-macMAC Clinical Research is one Europe's largest clinical development organisations. Owning a network of Dedicated Research Sites providing extensive reach, MAC has offices within the EU and US.

Their clinical research organisation is committed totally to the recruitment and conduct of clinical trials and full-service delivery through our fully owned Dedicated Research Sites and staff. Although their heritage stems from being the first memory assessment centre based in Europe, the company conducts research for sponsors over an ever expanding group of therapeutic areas.

MAC has an extensive range of clinical research capabilities to accommodate the most complex Phase 1 trials through to Phase IV. The majority of MAC’s current work includes CNS diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis), analgesics (acute and chronic pain), dermatology (psoriasis and eczema), rheumatology (fibromyalgia and arthritis), endocrinological diseases (e.g. diabetes) depression, anxiety and insomnia.

tia-sme-batbinBatbin Ltd’s mission is to ensure the safety of people, the environment and assets by not only delivering a first class battery bin product but being the first product in its class to ensure safety across the board.

Batbin are working with Teesside University to develop a prototype for a battery recycling bin that offers full compliance with UK and European standards and practices.


tia-sme-mcdBased in Middlesbrough’s digital hub, MCD Systems Ltd help customers transform their businesses by harnessing the power of digital technology by designing and building digital products across mobile and web.

MCD have a passion for innovation and creativity blended with a strong technical know-how which enables them to create single software solutions that improve the way companies do business.


tia-sme-laytrixLaytrix is a UK based, venture capitalist backed, solutions provider developing new products to meet the challenges of the offshore oil & gas, renewables and marine industries.

Established in 2017 the business is currently bringing its first products to the international market whilst developing a portfolio of other technologies to compliment these.


tia-sme-stratoboosterStratoBooster is focused in the development of a High-altitude Balloon launched rocket system, capable in helping organisations and institutions launch their small satellites and payloads into space.

Their business plans are to commercialise their work from TU2Space with the aim of further researching and testing their current work and developing the small space launch system for customers, who have already expressed interest in using this system.


tia-sme-iotaIOTA Enterprises Limited developed the IOTAVX Brand which is a British electronics brand dedicated to the design and construction of world-class stereo and home cinema equipment.

Founded in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, the goal with the IOTAVX brand from the beginning was to create products with outstanding sound characteristics. To achieve this, they put a team together of world-class engineers and technicians who have been working in the audio and video industry combined for over 60 years combined. Among the team are specialists in amplifier technology, audio software, loudspeaker construction and room acoustics.

tia-sme-tinkle-guardTinkleguard Ltd are working with partners within a local NHS trust to develop an innovative urine collection device.

Tinkleguard® is a disposable, lightweight guard – specially formed using sterile super-absorbent material to capture urine from a baby for analysis. It is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably over just the genital area of a baby boy or girl – reducing the risk of contamination.


tia-sme-stuff4lifeStuff4Life Ltd is a company established by two environmentalist business partners John Twitchen and Miles Watkins, both of whom have extensive experience in the materials and waste sectors, to tackle issues of circularity, particularly in workwear.

Partnering with Teesside University, Stuff4Life provides material expertise on polymers including a polyester chemical recycling process. Through stimulating action in the circularity of fabrics, Stuff4Life has as its mission to close the loop for on-shore recycling of polyester for textiles and reform the currently linear service provision to the sector.


tia-mpgMolecular Plasma Group (MPG) is developing and producing novel surface modifcation technology using cold atmospheric pressure plasma.

The plasma can be used to permanently graft organic chemistry directly onto any substrate in a single-step, solvent-free, scalable process at room temperature and ambient pressure. Applications are in the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Fibre/Textile and Biotech and Healthcare industries, bringing functionalities such as: improved adhesion, release coatings, anti-biofouling, virucidal coatings, biomolecule immobilization, improved & stable wettability.

MPG's systems are scalable and have been implemented in R2R manufacturing processes.

tia-sme-CRBCambridge Research Biochemicals® is a leading independent UK producer of custom-made peptide and antibody tools, supplying researchers in the pharmaceutical, life science and academic sectors worldwide.

In 2016, CRB launched its DISCOVERY® catalogue products and has curated an enviable range of novel, complex and rare DISCOVERY Peptides® and DISCOVERY Antibodies® available to purchase.

The company produces all flavours of peptides from simple to modified, stable and radio-labelled to dye labelled from milligrams to gram-scale to the highest levels of purity. In addition, CRB is a recognised expert at generating highly specific and targeted antibodies (both polyclonal and monoclonal). Fluorescent dye labelling is also a focus. We are the Scientist’s choice for research peptides, peptoids, peptide-oligo conjugates and PTM or isoform specific antibodies.



nz-logoNet Zero Energy Systems Ltd are providers of low energy conveyor systems with efficient and autonomous energy storage.

Their innovative energy storage solution can be integrated into a wide range of machinery and equipment, reducing your peak power consumption to lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

With an installation and service team ready to respond to your needs 24/7 and the capability to retrofit existing equipment, Darlington-based Net Zero Energy Systems have a strong engineering and automation background to provide advice to select the right energy storage solution for your needs. 



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