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CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector Training Course in South East Asia

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Who should attend?

CSWIP Visual welding inspector course is suitable for you if you are a welder, operator, foreman or line inspector who is involved in visual examination of welded joints. The training can help you get basic training in welding inspection which can lead to a globally recognised qualification.


Where can I take the face-to-face training?

The  CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector course is available in several countries throughout the South East Asia region. You can attend the course in Australia ,Brunei, China, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand

Scheduled dates


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What are the entry requirements?

There are no mandatory pre-requisits for this course, but candidates are advised to have 6 months of welding/engineering experience and two years of industrial exposure. Candidates must also comply with Clause 1.3.4 of CSWIP document WI-6-92.

Read the full course details here.


HRDCorp claimable grant

TWI Training courses are all HRDCorp claimable under the SBL-Khas scheme. SBL-Khas provides opportunity for HRDCorp registered employers to retrain and upgrade their employees in line with their operational and business requirements.

To start your grant application, click here to find out the process flow and guideline.  

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MBOT Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) hours earned

10 hours  

What is MBOT CPD hours? 

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What are my alternative training options?

If attending a face-to-face class is not possible for you, or you prefer to save your time by attending the course from home and minimize your cost of travel, you can consider our Online Live classes delivered via Zoom.

Learn more about the Visual Welding Inspector Online Live classes here.

Another available option is the CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector Online Course which allows you to complete the theoretical aspect of the course in eLearning format on TWI Virtual Academy and minimise your time on classroom to one day for completing the practical training and examination. 


"I was lucky to be sponsored by MARA to get my CSWIP Visual Inspector certificate. Completing that training helped me gain a lot of knowledge about visual welding inspection and quality control inspection".

Hafiz Jamaluddin

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Kavin on CSWIP Visual Welding Inspection Certification

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