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Online Live class - CSWIP Plant Inspector Levels 2/3 Module 4: Fitness-for-Service (FFS) Assessment, based on API and ASME

Date: 16 -25 November                                                                                                                         Book your seat

Venue: Online Live via Zoom

Fee: Course and examination  RM 7700
                                Course only  RM 6805

The FFS course which is developed in accordance to the new API/ASME standards aims to address the material damage mechanisms that are not commonly found in refining industry equipment.

Who should attend?

Plant engineer, non-destructive testing engineer, materials and corrosion engineer, or plant inspector responsible for managing the integrity of ageing process equipment, pipelines, boilers and storage tanks can benefit from this course. Candidates are expected to have a knowledge of either the design, fabrication, operation or maintenance of process equipment and piping, as well as some knowledge of the most common pressure equipment design codes/standards (ASME, BSI,API, NACE, etc) prior to attending this training. 


What will you leave with?

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Confidently apply the latest FFS technologies for making repair, replace, re-rate and re-design decisions
  • Understand the information requirements for performing FFS assessments for brittle fracture, general metal loss, localised metal loss, pitting, laminations, weld misalignment and shell distortion, crack-like flaws, creep; fire damage; hydrogen blisters; hydrogen damage associated with HIC/SOHIC; dents and gouges
  • Use FFS on process equipment, pipelines, boilers and storage tanks

How does it work?

To participate in the course, candidates need to submit their updated CV for review and approval. 

Upon registration on the course, you will receive an invitation link to participate the daily sessions which are held online via Zoom. The lecturer will be delivering the theoretical aspect of the course during this period and you will be given daily tasks, activities and homework which will be monitored by your lecturer. 

You have two options, attending the course only or taking an assessment at the end of the training course.
Note that, in order to get Plant Inspector level 2 certificate, you need to hold CSWIP Plant Inspector level 1 certificate and complete 4 modules of the level 2 programme. 

View Plant inspector career progression map here.

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