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Welding Inspection eLearning/Blended Learning in South East Asia

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eLearning gives you the flexibility and freedom to study when and where you want and plan your work-study schedule according to your personal preference. 

You can be in charge of your progress and can set the pace at a level that suits your personal speed. You can have the freedom to spend as much time as you need on topics that you find more complicated and speed through the subjects that you are more confident in. The eLearning also enables you to track down your progression and self-evaluate by doing the interactive exercises built in the programme.

Welding Inspection eLearning products currently available include pre-course, blended eLearning and refresher training listed below:


Welding Inspector eLearning Interactive Demo

What are the alternative options?

If eLearning does not suit your style of learning and you prefer the conventional method of classroom training, you can consider our standard training courses regularly scheduled at various venues across South East Asia or our online live classes. 

All levels of welding inspection courses from Visual Welding Inspector, Welding Inspector and Senior welsing Inspector are offered in our training centres with the exceptional teaching techniques of our industry expert lecturers. 

Find out more about the in-house Welding Inspector training courses here.

Learn more about Welding Inspection Online Live classes here.




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