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NDT and Inspection services In South East Asia

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is the common term used for the techniques used by the industry for testing, evaluation and analysis of the structures, components or materials characteristic differences or welding defects and discontinuities without causing damage to the original part.

NDT techniques are used by almost all industry sectors from oil and gas, construction, aerospace, railway and automotive to power generation and medical. The techniques can be used to test various types of materials and are not limited to just metals. Inspection of non-metallic components and structures made of polymers and composites can also utilize NDT techniques.

NDT inspection can be undertaken at different stages of production, post-production, in-service and following repair and the test results can be used in other failure investigation services like fitness for service or risk-based inspection procedure.

What are the Advantages of using NDT?

The most important and significant advantage of NDT over other testing techniques is that the structure, material or component being tested will not get damaged through the testing process and corrective actions can be taken on the faulty parts according to the test results.

The tests are very safe for the operators and mostly harmless to the humans and the environment. They can also prevent fatalities and environmental damage.  

Non-destructive testing is also a very accurate way of inspection since the tests are repeatable and a number of tests can be used together to correlate results. 

This is also a very efficient and cost effective method for companies as it can prevent complete breakdown of the items or shut down of the operations as it can identify the errors before a malfunction occurs and repair and replacement can be done as a preventive measure.

This testing technique also offers the operator peace of mind, knowing that equipment is functioning as it should, preventing future accidents and determining any measures that can be taken for life extension.

In the manufacturing industry, the NDT testing helps with verification of welding procedures to ensure that a welding process has been completed to the correct specification within the bounds of quality control.

TWI NDT services:

Our non-destructive testing (NDT) have been utilized by various industry sectors to provide them with safety and assurance on the safety and reliability of their equipment, plant assets and products and operation of their facilities.

TWI’s strong resume in NDT technologies and inspection services and its team of expert engineers has enabled it to solve hundreds of projects to solve the NDT problems for its clients. Our non-destructive testing services leverage all available NDT technologies, and our team is adept at identifying the optimum solution for any practical industrial application.

We are able to offer third party oversight in all NDT inspection areas relying on our qualified personnel qualified up to ISO 9712 NDT Level 3 and ASNT NDT Level III in the full range of methods including: 

If you are interested in our non-destructive testing inspection services, get in touch with us for an appointment to discuss about your options.




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