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Joining and Welding in South East Asia

Welding and joining technologies play a vital role in our everyday lives as without these technologies, none of the items that we rely on for our everyday convenience could have been produced. From construction of buildings, bridges and infrastructures like pipelines and railways to intricate components like electronic devices and medical implants, the engineering and manufacturing industry is reliant on the ability of making strong and durable connections between materials.

TWI is established with roots in Welding, joining and integration of materials and has been responsible for development, implementation and adoption of innovative technique and standards in the industry.

Joining and welding services offered by TWI:

Our welding engineering experts can provide support to pipeline operators and fabricators in a range of fields. Our team have extensive and unrivalled experience in various projects involving, welding, materials and fabrication standards. With a focus on quality and repeatability, our engineers can provide advice and assistance from the pre-FEED stage right through to commissioning and acceptance.

The materials and welding support services we can provide you include:

  • Welding procedures
  • Manufacturer and supplier capability assessment and audit
  • Weldability and in-service welded repairs
  • Construction audits
  • Technical concessions/deviations by way of ECA
  • Codes, standards and specifications
  • Trouble-shooting and failure investigations
  • Training 

If you are interested in our Joining and Welding services, get in touch with us for an appointment to discuss about your options.

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