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Who we are

Training and Certification of inspection personnel is our FORTE

TWI India, a subsidiary of TWI Ltd, is headquartered in Chennai and was established in 2011. As part of the esteemed TWI Ltd (Head Office), we have  been offering and conducting several training and certification programs since 2011 in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal, embodying TWI’s legacy of excellence. TWI India is certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

 Founded in Cambridge, UK, in 1946, TWI Ltd stands as a beacon of innovation and knowledge transfer. As a membership-based organisation, we support individuals and companies alike, offering authoritative and impartial expert advice. Our mission is to ensure safety assurance through engineering, materials, and joining technologies, empowering you to design, create, and operate the best products possible.

 At TWI India, we are committed to delivering top-tier training services to industries such as oil and gas, power, engineering, manufacturing, chemical, and petrochemical sectors. Our comprehensive courses, covering Welding Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Painting and Coating Inspection, Plant Inspection, Underwater Inspection, and Health and Safety, among others, lead to certification by globally recognized bodies like CSWIP, BGAS-CSWIP, EWF/IIW, NEBOSH, and IOSH. Every training program we offer leads to internationally recognized qualifications, enriching the skills of engineers and technicians working across industries.

 In addition to our training endeavours, TWI India excels in delivering technical services focused on integrity management, materials, and joining technologies, tailored to the Indian market's specific needs. We are your partners in innovation, knowledge transfer, and problem resolution, spanning all facets of welding, joining, surface engineering, inspection, and whole-life integrity management.

Our Mission

TWI is a world leader in joining, materials and structural integrity. We develop our people, capabilities and networks to provide members and stakeholders with independent and authoritative support, innovation and expertise.

Our Vision

Pushing the boundaries of technology through collaboration and innovation to provide our Members with the expertise necessary to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Values


 A Decade of Progress for TWI India

Although TWI (India) Ltd has been a registered company since 2011, the name of TWI was already known in India due to our CSWIP courses, which had already made a mark in industry circles around the region.
 The Indian office was opened in Chennai to augment the work that was already going on as well as draw on local expertise and talent to help further the work of TWI in India. Chennai, one of the oldest cities in southern India, was chosen as it has good connections, both nationally and internationally, as well as having a lot of welding activities occurring in the area.
Nearly a decade since it was established, TWI (India) has achieved its goals and more. What began as a humble office in the home of the regional manager has become a three-floor facility in the heart of Chennai city, complete with classrooms, NDT laboratories, and office space, while the employee numbers have grown from 5 to 30.
With more locally-trained and qualified faculty members, TWI (India) has been able to deliver an ever-increasing number and variety of training courses to a growing number of candidates in different locations. Our experts have specialisation in courses including welding, painting and NDT, allowing us to deliver regular CSWIP courses at various locations across India, so that candidates can choose a location that suits them. Today, TWI (India) offers regular CSWIP 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, ATC 88, 89, and NDT courses like PT, MT, RT, UT, RI, ECT, 3.4U, ToFD, AUT, and PAUT, not just within India but also in support of activities in neighbouring regions including the Middle East and Malaysia, where diplomas have also been conducted.
TWI (India) has also been able to provide special, tailor-made courses to suit to suit the needs of our customers. These include courses in welding, painting and NDT, which have served the needs of customers in industries such as general engineering, thermal power, oil and gas, petroleum, and steel.
Through being a regular participant and sponsor of technical exhibitions, TWI (India) has contributed to the growth and development of technology at large, and there are more activities planned to reach customers in other sectors too.
One of the biggest highlights of the past ten years has been the creation of the SEASEP programmes, which offer a unique opportunity to develop the skill of Indians. TWI (India) has been strongly involved in the project, helping to provide training and certification to over 2000 candidates from industry and engineering colleges.
TWI (India) has achieved much over the past ten years with the support of TWI (UK) in the form of technical personnel visits and input; innovative R&D, reference and data support; as well as general guidance.
Of course, we cannot forget the devastating impact of Covid-19 in the past months, which has affected so many people in India and around the world. Throughout it all, TWI (India) has continued to offer support to our customers, particularly with the development of our well-received Internet-based courses.
There are exciting times ahead for TWI (India) as we plan to build upon the success of our training and certification offerings in this growing market with enhanced service and R&D activities for customers in the region. This new initiative will provide support to an even wider range of customers and industries, while continuing to deliver the high-quality levels of service that TWI (India) has become known for over the past decade.