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TWI India Announces Two New Courses on IBR

Fri, 12 January, 2024

TWI India is excited to announce two comprehensive courses focusing on Indian boiler regulations (IBR). The courses, “Essentials of Indian Boiler Regulations” and “Navigating the Indian Boiler Regulations,” are designed for professionals in the boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing industry and anyone undertaking boiler assessment.

1. Essentials of Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) 

This two-day course aims to equip participants with an understanding of Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR). Covering aspects such as design, construction, welding, NDE, and other tests, attendees will delve into the historical context of the Boiler Act 1923 and IBR 1950. The course is delivered in a classroom setting with interactive assessments.

This course will also focus on the responsibilities of boiler manufacturers, inspecting authorities, competent authorities, competent persons, and users/owners, as well as offering an overview of relevant chapters on materials, welding consumables, workmanship, and various boiler components.

2. Navigating the Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR)

 In this one-day course, "Navigating the Indian Boiler Regulations," participants will gain insights into the basics of IBR, its application, and relevant chapters. Delivered virtually or in a classroom setting, this course is tailored for Design Engineers, Shop Engineers, QA/QC Engineers, Welding Engineers, Materials Procurement and Planning Engineers, and Functional Heads and Managers.

With a focus on understanding the scope and application of IBR, participants will leave with an enhanced knowledge of each chapter, as well as an understanding of its practical implications and the key terminologies used in the IBR.

To find out more and apply for these courses, please contact:

Download the Essentials of IBR brochure here

Essentials of IBR_V2 - pdf - 126kb

Download the Navigating of IBR brochure here

Navigating the IBR_V2 - pdf - 131kb

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