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New – eLearning format for CSWIP Plant Inspector Course

Tue, 22 June, 2021

Plant operators face an increasingly complex challenge when managing the integrity of assets. Implementing sustainable asset integrity management (AIM) strategies is a practical and proven approach to address such challenges. It is now apparent that implementing a suitable AIM plan helps to achieve operational excellence and maximises asset performance while minimising costs and maintaining the highest safety and environmental standards.

It is important to note that any asset integrity management strategy emphasises and demands high accuracy and reliability of process plant inspection results. Therefore, it is not only the experience all inspection personnel must have but also the appropriate level of competency to perform an assigned inspection task.

Furthermore, due to the complexity of plant systems and governing legislative background, it is recognised that there is a need for formal training and competence assessment for inspection personnel. The competency assessment is particularly important for all personnel involved directly in engineering, operation and maintenance activities in oil and gas, process industries and various power plants. In addition, the appropriate level of competency is desirable from all relevant workforce working for equipment owner/user companies, commercial works (vendor) inspection organisations, independent third-party inspection organisations, classification societies and insurance companies.

CSWIP Plant inspection is one such training and certification course to complement the experience with knowledge and skill gained by completing the carefully structured self-paced online training programme. The examination following the training tests individuals ability to apply the knowledge/skill and perform inspections with improved confidence in a process or engineering plant.

Our years of industrial exposure and vast knowledge of topics in demand by industry has led to the development of this new eLearning programme. CSWIP Plant Inspector eLearning course will add value to your plant integrity management skills. Aspirants will have the flexibility of learning at their own pace within 60 days of access.

This extensive Plant Inspection eLearning programme focusses on the following key topics:

  • Basics of plant inspection
  • Design and construction requirements of pressure vessel and above ground storage tanks
  • Fundamentals of process piping
  • Damage mechanisms and inspection strategy
  • Material inspection and verification
  • Basics of welding and welding procedures
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing
  • Cathodic protection and coating
  • Inspection, examination and pressure testing practices
  • Inspection interval, frequency and extent of inspection
  • Risk-based inspection
  • Repair, rerating and alterations
  • Quality assurance

In addition to the Plant Inspection programme described above, the TWI team is currently developing the Senior Plant Inspector course, consisting of four modules: Fitness-for-service; Risk-based inspections; Damage mechanism; Weld repair.

Find out more about the CSWIP Plant Inspector eLearning programme here.

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