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Am I eligible?

This course is designed for inspection engineers and supervisory staff. If you are new to this field and have little or no experience, then it is highly recommended to attend the level one Visual Welding Inspector course. 

Entry requirements:

It is important that you meet these entry requirements prior attending the level two welding inspector course and examination. All experience will need to be verified by either your previous/present employer/company.

  • Welding Inspector for a minimum of 3 years with experience related to the duties and responsibilities listed in Clause 1.2.2 of CSWIP document WI-6-92, under qualified supervision, independently verified OR
  • Certified Visual Welding Inspector for a minimum of 2 years with job responsibilities in the areas listed in 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 of CSWIP document WI-6-92 OR
  • Welding Instructor or Welding Foreman/Supervisor for a minimum of one year

Candidates must comply with Clause 1.3.4 of document WI-6-92 available at in addition to the above. 

Course duration and alternate learning options:

This course is delivered for 4 days (theory and practical) followed by one day CSWIP examination. If you are unable to attend the traditional classroom training, you can choose our CSWIP Welding Inspector Online Live Course.

If you want to study at your own pace and place, you can choose our eLearning option on TWI Virtual Academy which minimises your classroom-based training to one day practical element and one day examination at one of our authorised training venue. 

Learn more about our CSWIP welding inspector eLearning course

Those who wish to gain knowledge about welding inspection without certification can check our other welding eLearning products.

What is the next level?

Once you have sucessfully gained your CSWIP Welding Inspector Certification, you can upgrade to the next level Senior Welding Inspector.

Welding Inspector Online Live Course

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