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TWI India provides a unique range of short courses in the area of Welding.

The short course is developed by our experts in such a way to help professionals, provide up-to date knowledge to explore a better opportunity in their career.

Taking a short course can help you stay on top of industry advancements and adopt the latest skills to meet the growing demands of your field. These courses can fill knowledge gaps while giving you a competitive edge in your career.

Who should attend?

Those who are interested to have in-depth knowledge on a specific topic which is relevant to their work. 

Welding Short Courses NDT Short Courses Painting Short Courses
Welding for non-welding personnel   Appreciation course on radiographic film interpretation   Coating Technology
Basic metallurgy for non-metallurgists   NDT for QA& QC Engineers    Surface Preparation and Application Process 
Welding technology for coded fabrications   NDT for Welding inspection    Inspection and Testing
Repairs and maintenance welding   NDT for Managers   Specification, Procedure, Quality Plan and Report Writing 
Welding costs and economics   Workshop on advance non-destructive testing    
Selection of welding consumables for C-Mn steels   Familiarization of PAUT and TOFD Data Interpretation     
Welding of steel castings    Familiarization of Procedure writing – Convention NDT     
Welding defects and Remedies    Familiarization of Procedure writing – Advance NDT     
Testing of weldments    Familiarization of AUT technique Automated pipeline    
Welding of C-Mn Steels        
Welding of stainless steels        
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