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Practical Welding Training Courses in South East Asia

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TWI's Practical Welder training courses and qualifications are designed to help create a skilled and competent workforce.

With a choice of bespoke on-site practical training, weld procedure development and the witnessing of welder qualification tests at TWI or company facilities, our training covers the main arc welding processes used by industry, whether manual or semi-auto, including TIG, MMA, MAG, MIG, and FCAW.

TWI's welder qualification tests are witnessed by CSWIP approved welding examiners and conducted in line with recognised international standards. Qualification standards in the global construction and manufacturing sectors are EN 9606/287, ASME IX and BS 4872 parts 1 and 2 in the UK.

The internationally recognised qualification standard for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is BCAR-A8-10, which is also the requirement for welding in the aerospace sector.

This training can be delivered for self-sponsored individuals or companies at basic, refresher or advanced levels across all of the major industry sectors, including oil and gas, chemicals, power, automotive, aerospace and construction.  


HRDCorp claimable grant

TWI Training courses are all HRDCorp claimable under the SBL-Khas scheme. SBL-Khas provides opportunity for HRDCorp registered employers to retrain and upgrade their employees in line with their operational and business requirements.
To start your grant application, click here to find out the process flow and guideline. 

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