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CSWIP Blasting and Painting Supervisor Training Courses in South East Asia

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Who should attend?

Candidates who already hold a CSWIP Blasting and Painting Senior Operator certification or applicants with industrial experience in the field of blasting and painting supervision but who are yet to be certified, such as quality control, quality assurance, supervisors, inspectors, engineers, technicians and safety officers.


Where can I take the training?

Currently, this training is only available in Brunei and Malaysia. However, TWI is in the midst of setting up more facilities to cater to the demand geographically. 

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What will I learn?

  • Supervision of Blasting and Painting Operators in the preparation and application of paints/coating systems. Candidates will gain the knowledge and understanding of adherence to the product technical datasheets, therefore, able to select an adequate method of application
  • Calculating consumable consumption and estimation for the project costs and time
  • Quality Assurance - ensuring all work is carried out in accordance with the relevant code of practice, procedures, specifications, standards, requirements and working instructions
  • Environmental conditions – candidates will be capable of ensuring that the ambient conditions do not adversely affect the processes or quality that shall be frequently monitored. Candidates will have the ability to demonstrate and use different types of equipment to measure the relative humidity, dew point temperature and steel temperatures
  • Ensuring work activities and disposal of any materials are in accordance with the EPA or HSE legislation or any national legislation to protect operators, senior operators and any other personnel within the work area, as well as the environment
  • Assigning responsibilities and tasks to the blasting and painting operators/senior operators, evaluating work progress and time to completion
  • Checking the quality of the finished work, including selection and implementation of remedial actions

What will I leave with?

Candidates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the Blasting and Painting Operator and Senior Operator levels in greater detail, plus:

  • Have the ability to perform calculations that include Wet Film Thicknesses (WFT), Dry Film Thicknesses (DFT), Volume Solids (VS%), Volumes, surface areas and the ratio of two-pack paints
  • A greater understanding of the paint mechanical testing and the rationale for performing them
  • The capability of assigning tasks, evaluating work progress, monitoring activities, preparing progress and performance reports, recommending corrective action, ensuring health and safety requirements are adhered to
  • Have the competence and ability to perform assessments and measurements of the WFT during application and the DFT after application
  • Comprehensive knowledge of mixing and matching different paints and solvents

What are the entry requirements?

Certified Blasting and Painting Senior Operator for a minimum of six months with the job responsibilities listed in 1.2.1, 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 within the scheme document CSWIP-BP-25-16.


A minimum of one-year industrial experience as a Blasting and Painting supervisor, the duties and responsibilities shall relate to clause 1.2.1, 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 listed within the scheme document CSWIP-BP-25-16, under qualified supervision and independently verified.


HRDCorp claimable grant

TWI Training courses are all HRDCorp claimable under the SBL-Khas scheme. SBL-Khas provides opportunity for HRDCorp registered employers to retrain and upgrade their employees in line with their operational and business requirements.
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