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Homsub's Testimonial on Visual Welding Inspection 3.0

Tue, 13 February, 2024

Patipath Homsub, who recently completed the Visual Welding Inspector 3.0 course on 8-9 January 2024 under SEASEP, is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor of Engineering in Welding Engineering Technology from King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, currently serves as a QC Technician at SCC Sriracha Construction Public Co., Ltd.

Driven by his passion for excellence and continuous learning, Homsub sought out TWI and the SEASEP program after hearing about it from his peers. During the course, Homsub gained valuable knowledge and practical insights into welding defect inspection for both butt weld and fillet weld, as well as understanding the acceptance criteria for welding work. He credits the supportive classroom environment and knowledgeable lecturer for his positive learning experience.

Sharing his experience, Patipath Homsub quoted 

"By participating in this course, I aim to seamlessly apply the acquired knowledge to my job tasks with precision and without any errors. I have gained valuable insights into welding techniques and practices"

Expressing his future aspirations, he highlights the significance of holding a CSWIP certificate in demonstrating his professional capabilities and contributing to industry development. With plans to gain two years of experience and further his qualifications with CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1, he shows a proactive approach to career advancement and skill development.

Patipath Homsub enthusiastically recommends the SEASEP Visual Welding Inspector 3.0 course to all professionals in the welding industry, emphasizing its role in guaranteeing competence and opening new career opportunities.

TWI Thailand congratulates Patipath Homsub on his successful completion of the SEASEP Visual Welding Inspector 3.0 course and looks forward to supporting him in his future endeavours.

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