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Meet the lecturer – Daniel Lim

Mon, 13 February, 2023

Daniel Lim Cheng Liam was born in Penang, Malaysia. He has been diving since 1987. A year after beginning his exploration of the depths of the oceans, he joined Oceaneering International as an offshore air diver. Then In 1990s, he joined Comex Seaway Ltd and began working on projects throughout Southeast Asia. Later, he moved to Balikpapan, Indonesia, and started working for PT Komaritim, which was associated with Comex Seaway Ltd.

 After this project, Daniel decided to work as a freelancer for several onshore and offshore diving contractor companies on various projects campaign, including Fraser Diving, Hallin Marine, Caldive International, Allied Marine, McDermott, Self Subsea /Bintang, and many more.

During this period, Asian divers were not that common, and many Europeans and Singaporeans were entering the commercial diving sector. To fill this gap, Petronas started controlling the intake of foreigners. They wanted to train the local workforce instead, which led to many Malaysians gaining interest in the profession.

Previously, no official certificate was required to become a diver, but upon returning from Comex, Daniel decided to take his first diving certification and follow up with other related job certifications as he progresses.

Nine years later, he was promoted to the position of diving supervisor. After fifteen years in the role, he became a diving superintendent, responsible for the entire system, the head of the offshore diving team, and liaising between the client, the company, and the team.

 During the last few years of his offshore career, he worked as a diving client representative, monitoring subcontractors and ensuring that procedures and safety standards were met. In 2022, he was offered a position with TWI as Regional Underwater Training Manager and decided to give up his offshore career, moving into a role that involved teaching underwater NDT inspection.

Coming with years of experience in the industry, Daniel has a wealth of hands-on practical knowledge in the field. He encourages divers to get certified in order to gain a higher level of competency and earn a higher salary. With more certifications comes more job opportunities, more advantages, and the chance for increased income. As a lecturer, Daniel is passionate about leading divers and now getting ready to train divers for CSWIP 3.1U and CSWIP 3.2U courses at TWI Malaysia training center in Shah Alam.

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