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Bespoke RBI training by TWI Services

Fri, 14 April, 2023

The Department of Health and Safety (DOSH) Malaysia, as the regulatory body responsible for ensuring the occupational safety and health of people at work in Malaysia, has specific requirements for inspecting and maintaining the plant owner equipment under Malaysian regulation. Traditionally, the plant owner requires to perform a time-based inspection as a statutory inspection on the equipment for the certificate of fitness. However, the enactment of the Factories and Machinery (Special Scheme of Inspection) (Risk-Based Inspection), 2014 enables the plant owner to perform a risk-based inspection based on industry best practices. The implementation of the Special Scheme of Inspection Risk-Based Inspection (SSI-RBI) allows the owner to self-regulate their equipment during operation and ensure that the owner takes full accountability for the safety and health of their plant.

Managing asset integrity is a critical aspect of any power plant owner, and Malakoff Power Plant is no exception. Mehran Izadkhah and Koon Jyet Chin provided a comprehensive five-day Asset Integrity Management training for Malakoff engineers from different departments. This program covered multiple disciplines and was aimed to provide Malakoff engineering team members with the necessary skills to implement effective asset integrity strategies with a vision to apply for the Special Scheme of Inspection (RBI SSI) approval from the Department of Health and Safety (DOSH) Malaysia. The five days of training covered the following subjects:

  • Risk Based Inspection (API 580) and Risk Based Technology (API 581)
  • Introduction of ISO 55000 (Asset Management)
  • Introduction of corrosion management and TWI’s RBI software


The five days of training, included three days for risk-based inspection, one day for corrosion management and software introductions, and one day on the requirements of ISO 55000 for the implementation of asset integrity management, which was conducted by Perpilion (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

The outcome of the course:

Special Scheme of Inspection Risk-Based Inspection (SSI-RBI) RegulationsIn this section, TWI aimed to ensure the Malakoff team of engineers gained deep insights into the specific requirements of DOSH approval for Special Scheme of Inspection (SSI) including documentation, reporting, and compliance. By understanding and applying these requirements, integrity engineers can ensure that the inspection and maintenance practices in the Malakoff power plant are aligned with DOSH regulations leading to minimizing non-compliance.

Introduction of ISO 55000

This course aimed to provide an overview of the Asset Integrity Management standards and how these concepts can be applied within an organisation as part of the best practices. This would enable the organisation to:

  • establish an asset management system policy and strategy
  • Implement, maintain, and continuously improve their asset
  • Understand the value the cost of the lifecycle of assets

Risk Based Inspection (API 580) and Risk Based technology (API 581)

  • The main outcomes of this course were to learn how to effectively implement Risk Based Inspection (RBI), analyse risk factors, and develop risk mitigation strategies. TWI services set the course content in such a manner to ensure attendances would gain a thorough understanding of RBI principles, methodologies, standards, and practical applications. This was aimed to help the Malakoff team to effectively identify, assess, and manage risks associated with equipment and assets in their plant leading to improved decision-making and risk mitigation strategies.

 Introduction of corrosion management and TWI’s RBI software

  • This section aimed to provide an overview of the concept of planning, executing, managing, and continually improving the corrosion threat for existing and future assets by applying corrosion risk assessment using TWI RBI Software. This method helps the organisation to understand how to mitigate the corrosion threats using sound corrosion technology to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

The course provided the audience with a deep understanding of RBI, and professional development opportunities, as well as the improvement of risk management practices.

As part of both entities’ commitment toward safety and regulatory compliance, Mohd Razlan Rozali from Malakoff did a great job by providing the venue in Johor Bahru, Malaysia equipped with all required facilities and services during training. TWI Services is confident that this training will enhance the Malakoff Engineering team's knowledge, and capabilities to maintain the highest levels of safety and reliability at the Malakoff plant.

“We're proud to be working with Malakoff and look forward to continuing to support their asset integrity goals. At TWI, we are always looking for ways to support our clients to improve the efficiency of operations and ensure the safety and well-being of the employees, assets, and the environment, Commented Mehran Izadkhah”.


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