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Abdul Muin on Plastic Pipe Welding course

Fri, 08 July, 2022

My name is Abdul Muin bin Tamrin and I am from Pasir Gudang. I have been working as a trainer in plastic repair at Asiaflex Products Sdn. Bhd. Currently, I am at TWI Malaysia to attend the CSWIP Plastic Pipe Welding course.

Even though I have been in the plastic industry for 13 years, I decided to attend this training because I want to increase my knowledge in the field of plastics as well as give me wide exposure to the types of plastic joint welding.

Over the past few days that I have attended the course, I have learned three processes of plastic welding which are butt fusion, electrofusion, and socket fusion. For me, these three processes are new as I had never been exposed to them at my work in Malaysia.

Fundamentally, plastic welding requires precision, hygiene, and the right sequence and procedure. If these matters are not taken seriously, it can cause the plastic joint not to last long and lead to failure.

In my opinion, the plastic welding course is very useful for anyone who not only wants to gain experience and knowledge in the field of plastics but most importantly to learn the method of plastic welding should be done correctly and accurately. This can positively impact the credibility of a welder’s skillset.

I highly recommend to anyone who works in the plastic industry to attend this course because not only t is beneficial to get certified in your topic of expertise, but also you get to gain deep knowledge about plastic welding in terms of the preparation of plastic joints, post welding procedures and visual inspection of the welded joints.

After taking Plastic Pipe Welding, I am eager to further my knowledge in plastics and I am planning to continue my studies by taking CSWIP Plastic Visual Welding Inspector conducted at TWI Malaysia.

Lastly, I would like to thank my company for giving me the opportunity to attend the Plastic Pipe Welding course at TWI. I feel it has been worthwhile to attend this course and increase my knowledge of the plastic industry. Thank you!

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