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TWI Appoints New Country Manager for Thailand

Mon, 08 March, 2021

TWI South East Asia has assigned a new country manager for TWI Thailand, Satanphop Amsupan (Tong). Tong, who joined TWI in 2011, was first introduced to welding at military school. He was trained as a welder and also learnt underwater welding during the three years that he was on the course.

After the military school, he was admitted to university in 2004 for his bachelor degree in welding engineering and started working as QA/QC engineer in an Australian company called Clough Thailand in 2008. After a year he found another opportunity building a chemical plant project, where he worked for another year before returning to university to pursue a master’s degree in material engineering. Following his studies, Satanphop needed to complete an internship before he could graduate. He approached TWI for an internship opportunity in 2011, however, he was offered a full-time position as a project engineer instead, which became the beginning of his career at TWI. He was transferred to Malaysia right afterwards to start working on ongoing projects.

During his time at TWI Malaysia, he has been heavily involved with asset integrity management (AIM) projects as well as welding engineering consultancy.

At the same time he also got involved with training. He started delivering the CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector and CSWIP Welding Inspector as well as IIW Materials and Their Behaviour courses.

After a decade of experience at TWI, Satanphop is now assigned as the country manager for Thailand, with a vision to enhance the country’s workforce with CSWIP qualifications.

The ASEAN Economic Community is focusing on enhancing the economic sector of Thailand, with a concentration of developments in the east part of Thailand as the business hub. This is where TWI office is located. Satanphop predicts a boom in the industrial sector, which is translated to a higher number of students getting trained by TWI, who can then return to the job market to work on development projects.

The most popular courses offered at TWI Thailand are CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector, CSWIP Welding Inspector and CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector, while CSWIP Welding Quality Control Coordinator and CSWIP 3.4U - Underwater Inspection Controller are some other courses that are offered by TWI Thailand.

The conventional NDT methods of Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) and Penetrant Testing (PT) are delivered in the online live format whereby candidates based anywhere in Thailand can attend the training from the comfort of their homes and need to attend the class only for one session to complete their practical training and examination at the TWI Thailand office in Chonburi.

Besides the training services, TWI Thailand is actively offering engineering consultancy services in the fields of asset integrity management as well as welding consultancy.

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