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Ahmad Izzat: From Trainee to Trainer

Wed, 19 August, 2020

Watching documentaries about building bridges and tunnels as a boy, Izzat was fascinated with the world of engineering. He studied mechanical engineering at a technical high school and, when it was time to choose a major in university, he knew that he has to follow his passion. Although he couldn’t get into the civil field, he wasn’t disappointed and instead tried his opportunity in other majors and finally he got accepted on a welding engineering major.

In 2012, he started off as an intern in Dialog Group Berhad. He worked as a QC inspector for 6 months, working on steel structures, pressure vessels and other related tasks. After the internship, he decided to complete his studies in welding quality inspection major and, again, took another round of internship, this time in Muhibbah Engineering (m) Bhd. His role was mainly focused on steel structures only. Once the internship was over, he went to Johor Skills Development Centre (PUSPATRI) to take an API certificate in plant inspection. Working as a freelancer, he had the flexibility with his time so, to supplement his skill set, he attended the CSWIP Welding Inspector course sponsored by the HRDF programme at TWI, and that was when he was spotted by the lecturers as a suitable candidate to join the TWI team.

His career at TWI started with invigilation and, as time went on, he proved that he had the skill and knowledge to become a lecturer. He started delivering the CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector course and has been training students all over South East Asia ever since, and now he is on his way to start lecturing in welding inspection. What makes him excited about his job is when he can see that the candidates who come with industrial experience start comprehending the reasons for performing procedures that they have been doing for years without knowing the logic behind them.

As Izzat continues his journey as a lecturer, he is on track for his continuous improvement and is focussed on keeping himself on top of his major, so that he can always be in a position to convey the best knowledge to his students.

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