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Welding Inspection Courses in the Middle East

Obtaining a qualification in CSWIP Welding Inspection from TWI can provide welding professional with rewarding and diverse careers everywhere. Today, the CSWIP certification has become a prerequisite for employment in this area which attest that you can perform work to a high level of safety while decreasing the amount of rework or repairs and ensuring projects are completed on schedule.

Having completed a welding inspection course and gained a qualification provides an in-depth understanding of the role, as well as the confidence to carry it out at the highest of standards. The welding technology knowledge gained from CSWIP welding inspection courses will assist you in developing your competency and proficiency with a clear path of career advancement.

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Case study

Karimatu Atsuipui, from Cameroon, shifted her career path to welding inspection. She takes pride in being a woman welder in a field widely dominated by men.

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Career Path

The CSWIP welding inspection programme offers you an internationally recognised qualification based on your competence and a vertical progression to senior inspector, a pre-requisite for many job applications.

Requiring a high level of skill and knowledge, welding inspection is an excellent career choice if you wish for a transition from a general engineering or welding background into a more specialised and prestigious role.

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A career in Welding Inspection by Darren Jefferies, TWI Senior Welding Inspection Lecturer

In this video we explore the process of getting into welding inspection, which jobs you can get with welding inspection qualifications, which industries you can work in, and why you should choose TWI for training and examinations.

A career in Welding Inspection


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