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Who We Are

In over a decade since it was founded, TWI Middle East continues to bring value addition to the clients and industry professionals it is involved with, as well as innovation. TWI in the Middle East is a solution provider for industry in this part of the world. TWI Middle East has grown to incorporate sixteen different countries, not just in the Middle East but also Africa, Pakistan and Turkey.


A behind-the-scenes look at TWI


Welding, Inspection and Engineering Training Services

TWI Middle East was founded as a training-focussed operation in 2007, with health and safety training, relevant mostly for clients in the oil and gas industry, but also the retail and manufacturing companies that TWI Middle East works with, being added in 2008. Technical training, including standard TWI training courses (such as Welding Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing, Site Coating, Painting Inspection etc...), industry specific training with courses relevant to the specific needs of customers, and HSE, are offered by TWI Middle East.

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Engineering Consultancy

Additionally, engineering consultancy is available and used by a wide range of clients. Most recently, engineering work was added to this list of services in 2011.


As an example of the engineering work offered by TWI in the Middle East, one recent job required the assessment an equipment in an oil field. Though it was a relatively small routine job for the company, the client was able to resume the production of 200,000 oil barrels a day, a significant contribution to this industry from TWI, whose technical expertise and efficiency proved vital to industry in the Middle East.


TWI Middle East works closely alongside the UK, for example in the engineering that forms a key part of the industry that occurs there. The positive reputation of TWI as a reliable and technically sound company is very valuable and helps these regional offices to carry out the various operations they are involved in across the Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan.

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