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NEBOSH Open Book Examinations and Feedback

Thu, 03 September, 2020

The NEBOSH National and International General Certificates were the first qualifications to offer remote assessments. The first open book examination took place on 6 August 2020 for units, IG1, NG1, IGC1 and NGC1, where TWI Middle East registered a total of 164 learners for IG1 and IGC1 units.

The TWI HSE Team, consisting of Muhammad Usman, Rashid Ali Shah, Jawad Zubair and Sylvie Peralta have worked tirelessly around-the-clock to administer this new examination method and provided unparalleled support to all TWI students – from initial guidance until the closing interviews.  

We are grateful for all the support from TWI management, learning associates and, most importantly, our students for their unwavering patience and appreciation. The feedback received as we embarked on this journey is a testament of our core beliefs and commitment to provide the highest quality of training and examination services, combined with excellent customer support.

Mr. Lubbe Herhold, IGC Learner

“Thanks to your company and the excellent service provided by your delightful employees, I must say the OBE method of studying is rather quite different but, with the assistance of your very professional and kind employees, it went rather well. I hope that might be that same with my results, however time will tell.

Miss Sylvie Peralta, she was from the start a pillar to ensure that my delayed registration was done and to ensure that I could obtain access to my Nebosh Online profile. It must be noted that she kept on trying until late in the evening, and it was a service with a smile until 22:00 (10PM), if my memory serves me correctly.

Mr. Usman Mustafa, well he really went out of his way to ensure all study materials were available and, in my opinion, went way out of his scope of work ensure all the criteria were met and me, as a candidate, was at ease and 100% on board with what needs to be done and how. His professionalism, dedication and perseverance must be applauded. In my opinion, Mr. Usman is a really great ambassador and a star employee of TWI.  I would gladly recommend your company to anyone who would like to excel in the Health and Safety environment due to his assistance and friendly commitment. He really exceeded all expectations.

Lastly, my closeout interview was done by Mr. Jawad Zubair, wow, what a kind and nice person. He really made me feel at ease from the start and conducted himself extremely professionally. I felt extremely comfortable and his verification questions and explanations were of a remarkably high standard and, although extremely professional, it was done in a calm and noticeably clear manner.

I must conclude by adding you can be truly fortunate to have these people as part of your TWI family and must be looked after. 

Please extend my congratulations and gratefulness to the three top achievers as well”.

Ronal D’Souza, IGC Learner

“I would like to thank you for well-organised training by Mr. Usman and Mr. Rashid, which helped me lot to attend my IGC exam. 

And special thanks to Mr. Usman for giving additional support with proper guidance and providing sufficient study material to learn Health and Safety properly. 

I look forward to attend future training”. 

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