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TWI attends a global workshop on offshore structures

Thu, 01 August, 2019

Dr. Ujjwal Bharadwaj from TWI’s Asset Life Cycle Management team participated in the global workshop on safer decommissioning of offshore structures, including ships, which was hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering, in partnership with the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

The event, held under the auspices of Lloyd's Register Foundation's safer end of engineered life programme theme, brought together stakeholders from a broad range of disciplines and sectors. The aim was to identify fundamental safety challenges in this area and effective ways to address them.

There were 58 attendees from 22 countries, with representatives from industry, academia, NGOs, and Government, providing a great opportunity to shape new collaborations and create an impact in this critical area, where it is needed most.

Some of the representatives who attended the conference
Some of the representatives who attended the conference

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