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TWI provides a wide range of technical services by highly qualified technical personnel. These services are delivered globally, covering various areas. TWI's Global Technical Services team offers high-level engineering services, consulting, and technical support services in this area.

TWI provides authoritative and unbiased expert advice, know-how, and safety assurance in the design, materials, and joining technologies, enabling our industry members to design, build, and operate the very best products.We work closely with national regulators, multinational oil and gas operators, national oil companies, contractors, and manufacturers of oil and gas equipment, manufacturing, and engineering systems and provide them to maintain facility integrity, reduce process leak loss, and increase reliability and service life of production assets.

Our specialists have been researching in the fields of joining and welding, lifetime integrity management, fracture mechanics and process safety for more than 50 years and provide high-quality services using industry experience.
With the help of our Technical Team, we are constantly striving to provide better solutions for our customers in the oil and gas, energy, and technology sectors. 

The main services provided by TWI Caspian Sea are:

Our clientele mainly includes international companies. We provide services to major oil and gas operators on the global market.


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