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TWI Azerbaijan Expands its Network of Connections

Tue, 19 September, 2023

An official meeting was held between representatives of TWI Azerbaijan - Karim Shakuri, and the university employees of the French-Azerbaijani University – UFAZ.

The French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) under the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University is a unique ongoing project initiated by the presidents of Azerbaijan and France back in 2014. Functioning as of September 2016, the university conducts student admission based on 4 technical specializations.

Specialties of the university are Computer Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Oil and Gas Engineering, Geophysics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Geosciences.

At the meeting, the services provided by the university, specialties, faculties, as well as the service areas of TWI Azerbaijan, the international training and certificates provided, and possibility of cooperation were discussed.

The employees of the university were informed about the importance of their students and graduates participating in the international training provided by TWI Azerbaijan and obtaining international certificates that will enable them to work anywhere in the world.

University employees indicated that collaborating with us and using our services would be very beneficial for them.

The meeting briefed the attendees on TWI’s international training in the fields of Welding Inspection, Painting and Coating Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing, Cathodic Protection, Plant Inspection, International Welding Engineering, Health and Safety, examinations, and certificates, as well as engineering and other technical services provided by TWI.

An important aspect of the meeting was the role of TWI as a bridge between universities and industry. Besides training, certification, and internships, the development of research-oriented directions at the university was also emphasized.

In this regard, the topic of students utilizing international certificates (CSWIP, BGAS-CSWIP) provided by TWI in accordance with their qualifications as well as internships at TWI has been discussed.

TWI Caspian Sea aspires to establish affiliations with diverse academic institutions and forge a distinctive Student-Graduate program. Additionally, such collaborations have the potential to enhance the knowledge of students and graduates, enabling them to become global experts and showcasing their expertise on an international scale.