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YMC Workshops and Resources

Discover more about some of the YMC's most popular workshops:

Welding with Chocolate

A fun, hands-on opportunity to explore welding principles and mechanical testing involving welding a box girder bridge from chocolate.

Structural Integrity Design Workshop

Builds on engineering principles explored within our other workshops through breaking down the design process involved within engineering into:

  • an overview of what engineering actually is
  • examples of where these principles are used within various industries
  • what the overall engineering design process involves
  • factors for consideration throughout the process
  • static scheme and strength and deformation limit states

Forensic Engineering: Metallurgical Failure Investigation - Air Crash Investigation

Exploring the process of metallurgical failure investigations, this workshop uses the real-life example of the Boeing 707 Air Crash in Lusaka (1977) to give an overview of the different ways metal fails, such as; ductile failure; brittle fracture and fatigue failure; and also includes the opportunity to take on the role of 'Air Crash Investigator' looking into causes of failure, responsibilities and preventative future methods.

Lego Mindstorm - Defect Detectives

Teaching real-world applications of engineering, the Lego Mindstorm workshop involves a robotic inspection challenge using Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits to detect weld defects. The workshop provides an introduction into coding skills through:

  • designing, building and programming robots to assess the integrity of a simulated weld line

And there is, of course, also a creative opportunity to design and create the best posters and team names!