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CSWIP NDT Level 3 Course in South East Asia

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If you are an experienced level 2 technician who wishes to progress in your NDT career, the next step is often a level 3 certification. The skills and responsibilities that you would need to exhibit as a certified level 3 technician are:

  • A good understanding of engineering concepts, including product knowledge, which is the key to understanding the best application of NDT for the chosen product
  • An overall familiarity with NDT methods
  • An ability to evaluate and interpret standards, codes, and specifications
  • To be able to designate and document the test method and control its application throughout a facility in accordance with the standards and codes
  • To technically review results and offer guidance for improvements amongst NDT personnel and fellow engineers

Our level 3 training courses are designed to nurture these skills and competencies in order to prepare you for the level 3 examination. Once you hold a level 3 certification, you will often have to make key decisions within NDT, so it is essential you understand your chosen method and its applications extremely well.

Who should attend?

This course is design for you as an experienced NDT inspection operative, supervisor or researcher engaged in NDT who wishes to attempt BS EN ISO 9712 (CSWIP) Level 3 certification. 


What will I learn?

The Basic course includes a revision of product technology (materials, cast, wrought, welding, heat treatments, etc.), certification scheme information, and revision of NDT methods at level 2.

The Method course covers the general preparation and revision of chosen method at level 3, sector-specific preparation and revision of the NDT method including the use of applicable standards, and NDT procedure preparation and creation with the use of applicable standards and specifications.


What are the entry requirements?

ISO 9712 mandates the required training hours prior to the Level 3 examination. It is strongly recommended that prospective Level 3 candidates ascertain their exact training requirements by contacting the training center with details of ISO 9712 qualifications held and other supporting documentation.

Holding BS EN ISO 9712 Level 2 certification in each method is strongly recommended for candidates seeking to undertake Level 3 exams.

Details on the training and experience requirements and possible exemptions for the CSWIP scheme can be found here.

* Exam exemption might be applicable based on candidate’s experience and prior qualifications. Eligibility to be evaluated by CV revision. 

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