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Plastic Welding Training Courses in South East Asia

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TWI South East Asia can deliver training courses in welding of polymers. With our extensive knowledge of welding, we also have expertise in the widely used processes of welding of plastics and innovative techniques that provide improved quality and greater productivity.

We offer consultation services on choosing the most suitable joining technique for any application or thermoplastic material.

Plastics welding applications are used in various industries including fabrication of pipelines and welding of films and fabrics to assembly of mass produced domestic appliances and intricate welding of medical devices. Different methods can be used as well, ranging from ultrasonic or hot gas welding to cutting edge techniques which utilise laser or infrared energy.


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What is Plastic Welding?

The process of creating a molecular bond between two compatible thermoplastics is known as plastic welding. Compared to alternative methods of mechanical joining such as screws or snap fits or the chemical bonding using adhesives, welding is considered the superior technique as it provides higher strength and reduced cycle times.

Pressing, heating and cooling are the three standard stages of any weld. Correct amount of pressure is used throughout the heating and cooling stages in order to retain the parts in proper orientation and to improve melt flow across the interface. During the heating stage, intermolecular diffusion between the two faying surfaces happens. And lastly, cooling stage is necessary in order to solidify the newly-formed bond. Proper execution of the cooling stage have a great impact on the weld strength. 

Ultrasonic, vibration, spin, hot plate, laser/infrared, radio frequency and implant are some of the common methods of plastic welding. The main difference between these processes lies in the heating method used in them. The pressure and cooling processes are mechanical considerations that are subject to the machinery used for the welding process and can vary from one machine to another machine. 


What are the processes of plastic welding that TWI SEA offers?

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