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Successful Webinar AUT-Zonal Discrimination Technique

Mon, 20 May, 2024

TWI conducted an informative webinar on the "Inspection of Pipeline Girth Weld Joints Using the AUT-Zonal Discrimination Technique", featuring expert speakers Mr. Kumar Annamalai, TWI Indonesia Engineering Regional Manager and Mr. Sathish Muguran, Advanced NDT Manager. The event attracted significant interest from professionals across the industry, who appreciated the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills.

The webinar commenced with a comprehensive overview of the Brief History of Automated Welding and the various stages of development in the AUT system. Participants were introduced to the Basic Theory of AUT–Zonal Discrimination Technique, which provided a solid foundation for understanding this advanced inspection method.

The session covered several key topics, including:

  • Familiarization with AUT Equipment (Pipe Wizard) and Accessories:
    Participants were introduced to the essential tools and equipment necessary for AUT.
  • AUT Inspection Process and Data Analysis:
    The speakers provided a detailed explanation of the inspection process, including the critical steps involved in data acquisition and analysis.
  • Applicable Codes and Standards:
    An overview of the relevant standards and codes that govern the AUT process was provided, ensuring that participants understood the regulatory framework.

Understanding and applying advanced techniques like AUT-Zonal Discrimination is crucial for ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of pipeline systems. By addressing these technical challenges, professionals can enhance the longevity and performance of critical infrastructure.

The webinar saw excellent engagement, with participants actively contributing to the discussion. The Q&A session at the end was particularly lively, featuring insightful questions and valuable exchanges that highlighted the depth of interest and understanding among attendees. Thank you to everyone who joined and made the webinar so interactive and informative.

TWI plans to continue offering such interactive webinars regularly to enhance industry knowledge and expertise.

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