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Mehran's Innovative Approach for Oil and Gas Maintenance

Mon, 08 January, 2024

Mehran Izadkhah, a dedicated PhD researcher under the supervision of Dr Mohammad Nishat Akhtar at the School of Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Campus, University Sains Malaysia (USM), and co-supervision of Prof Gan Tat Hean, Managing Director TWI Technology SEA S/B is embarking on a journey to address the challenges posed by erosion–corrosion in oil and gas piping system. With his research proposal for Integrated Sensor-Based Erosion Prediction and Preventive Maintenance in Oil and Gas Piping Systems.

The susceptibility of carbon steel piping to erosion-corrosion, influenced by factors such as hydrocarbon content, flow velocity, and contaminants like sand, necessitates a paradigm shift in monitoring and maintenance. Mehran’s research proposes an Integrated Sensor-Based Erosion Prediction and Preventive Maintenance approach, aiming to transform the industry by providing quantitative insights into erosion rates.  

Mehran Izadkhah. Wireless Sensors Online Communication.
Mehran Izadkhah. Wireless Sensors Online Communication.

In the productive phase, where sand and debris accompany production fluids, this research becomes crucial for the oil and gas sector. Mehran’s probabilistic approach, backed by comprehensive sensor integration, promises early detection of erosion, minimizing the risk of damage, and reducing financial losses and environmental impact.

The scope of the study involves strategically placing vibration and ultrasonic sensors within the piping system to create a robust data analysis framework. By optimizing erosion rate predictions based on real-time sensor data, Mehran seeks to influence future designs and maintenance schedules, surpassing the limitations of traditional corrosion predictions.

“Our goal is to provide a holistic solution that transcends current limitations setting a new standard for efficient, data-driven decision-making oil and gas system maintenance”

Mehran Izadkhak

The research journey encompasses the development of predictive maintenance models, integrating historical data and refined empirical constants with real-time sensor information. Mehran invites industry stakeholders to join in exploring the feasibility of using sensors to assess erosion risks not only in piping systems but also in pumps, ultimately revolutionizing maintenance strategies.

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