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What is AWeldi post-nominal?

Mon, 15 May, 2023

AWeldI, which stands for Associate Membership of The Welding Institute, is the only membership type offered by The Welding Institute that does not require particular qualifications and can be gained by anyone who has an interest in the welding and joining field. AWeldI is an associate membership offered by The Welding Institute, a professional body and the leading the global engineering society of welding and joining professionals, since 1923. The cost of becoming an AWeldI member starts from £134.00, however, professional members of The Welding Institute who have enrolled on CSWIP 3.1 or CSWIP 3.2 in certain countries can gain the title free of charge. To learn more about this benefit, please contact us.

Having industrial recognition by your peers is a clear demonstration of your commitment to excellence and, most importantly, personal and professional prestige is a valuable thing that can be demonstrated by the post-nominal AWeldI. At TWI, our student members also understand the value of post-nominals to enhance their employability as they progress to higher membership grades that match their level of competency.

What is a post-nominal?
The post-nominal letter (also known as a post-nominal initial, a post-nominal title, or a designatory letter) indicates a position, qualification, accreditation, office or honour, academic degree, or other form of public accreditation after a person's name. They can be useful tool on a CV to help convey your experience and professional standing to potential recruiters.

Post-nominals represent an achievement, skill level, experience, or sometimes an ongoing commitment to a way of working. They are a valuable signpost for an individual and those who choose to work with them.

Moreover, using a post-nominal after your name is a very quick and easy way to communicate your credentials and knowledge on your CV, LinkedIn profile, etc, regardless of the stage of your career. They add value to your career, whether you are just beginning or are a well-seasoned professional.

Competence is defined as a combination of both professional qualifications and relevant experience. As such, it is important to be able to demonstrate this, and the post-nominal is an effective method to do so.

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