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TWI’s affiliation with the Welding Institute of Malaysia

Tue, 23 May, 2023

Strong affiliate partnerships can provide businesses with great returns. As more businesses and brands work with each other, they become able to establish their brand’s credibility and become a more trustworthy option for the customers. It also helps the business to expand its audience reach and provide a more diverse offering to the customers.

TWI courses are designed to service all key industry sectors, including oil and gas, aerospace, construction, power, automotive, rail, marine, and manufacturing. Creating affiliations with international certification bodies, TWI's portfolio of courses and certification schemes is regularly updated to maintain TWI's position as the world leader in its field, so you can be sure that your training is internationally recognised by certification award bodies.

One of the companies that TWI has an affiliation with is The Welding Institute of Malaysia (WIM). WIM is a non-profit membership organization with a mission to provide a wide range of technical, networking, and support services in the field of welding, joining, and allied technologies in Malaysia. As the Authorised Nominated Body (ANB) for Malaysia in the International Institute of Welding (IIW), WIM is the sole representative of Malaysia in the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and a Full Member of the Asian Welding Federation (AWF).

WIM’s members can get exclusive access to a wide range of technical information, webinars, and networking possibilities. They can benefit from a discounted training rate and also claim CPD hours through training courses conducted by WIM.

IIW Diploma modules in Welding include three levels:

These courses are designed to take candidates through a career progression path that can lead them to an international welding engineer level. Graduates will be qualified to perform the essential welding-related tasks given in ISO 14731 in compliance with the requirements of ISO 3834. This makes the welding coordinators who hold IIW certificates in high demand by employers.

Who benefits from the IIW courses? And how?

The IIW courses are best suited to welding engineers, technologists, co-ordinators and managers who are involved in the process plants, structural steelwork, bridges pressure vessels, pipework and pipelines, storage tanks, offshore structures, general heavy equipment, shipbuilding and ship repairs, automotive, construction, rail, aerospace, power generator equipment, material testing or any industry where welding is the major joining method.

At least two years of related working experience in the welding industry is needed for entry into the programme. Candidates can attend training courses delivered by internationally renowned experts and gain globally recognized qualifications that can enable them to take up the role of responsible welding coordinator as defined in ISO 3834. As your knowledge of welding production, including design and advanced welding processes increases, you could provide verification of your welding skills when tendering for jobs and this increases your employability and the value to the industry.

Learn more about the IIW Diploma courses here and visit WIM’s website to find out about The Welding Institute of Malaysia and its Membership.


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