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TWI Shines Brightly at OGA 2023: A Journey of Transformation

Thu, 21 September, 2023

Oil and Gas Asia 2023 (OGA 2023) is a conference that is brazenly writing the future of the oil, gas, energy, and petrochemicals engineering industry. OGA 2023 is not just an exhibition; it’s an epicentre where visionaries, policymakers, trailblazers, and thought leaders converge to initiate a revolution in the industry.

We at TWI are more than a training provider and engineering services company; we are the architects of excellence. Our crowning achievement, the Welding Simulator, debuted at OGA 2023, which served as our grand stage. This innovative partnership with Seabery promises to rewrite the training norms, ushering in a new era of welding mastery.

However, the story does not conclude here! The AR Welding Packages are an extraordinary addition to our training arsenal. Beginning in February 2024, our training programmes will be enhanced with Augmented Reality, providing an unparalleled educational adventure.

To our esteemed OGA 2023 guests, we extend our most profound appreciation. Your presence at our booth was a celebration of innovation and collaboration. We avidly anticipate our next meeting at the upcoming trade show, where we will continue to redefine engineering and training services.

Stay tuned for TWI's next chapter of transformative innovation! Let's collectively create the narrative that will shape the future of our industry until we convene again. 

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