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Revolutionizing Welding Training - TWI and Seabery

Mon, 24 July, 2023

In a groundbreaking move towards modernizing welding education, TWI and Seabery have formed a dynamic partnership to revolutionize the industry. This innovative collaboration brings together the expertise of TWI, a renowned leader in technology solutions, and Seabery, a global pioneer in Augmented Reality (AR)-based simulation education. Through this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the two companies are set to transform welding training by leveraging cutting-edge digital multimedia technology provided by Seabery's Soldamatic simulator.

The central goal of the TWI-Seabery collaboration is to enhance the welding education experience, making it more accessible and effective worldwide. By merging TWI's wealth of educational content with Seabery's state-of-the-art Soldamatic simulator, learners will benefit from an immersive and interactive learning environment.

The Soldamatic simulator, known for its precision and realism, recreates welding scenarios with unmatched accuracy, allowing students to hone their skills in a risk-free virtual environment. As industry demands evolve rapidly under the influence of Industry 4.0, this collaboration positions TWI and Seabery at the forefront of welding training, equipping individuals with the necessary expertise to meet current and future industry requirements.

Seabery's vision is to revolutionize the traditional educational model and empower companies to smoothly transition into Industry 4.0. By teaming up with TWI, Seabery gains access to an unrivaled wealth of technical knowledge and expertise. This partnership ensures that Seabery's cutting-edge technology is combined with the industry insights and real-world experience provided by TWI, creating a comprehensive and impactful welding training solution.

Furthermore, as companies adapt to the fast-paced changes in the industrial landscape, TWI and Seabery's collaboration will play a pivotal role in bridging the skills gap. By nurturing a new generation of skilled welders and technicians, this alliance supports industries in their pursuit of excellence and competitiveness in the global market.

With the MOU personally signed by Eur Ing Professor Tat Hean Gan, Managing Director at TWI Technology S.E.Asia and Executive Director of Membership, Innovation and Global Operations at TWI Ltd UK, and Antonio Fernandez Perez, Seabery's Business Development Director, this collaboration represents a mutual commitment to excellence and innovation. Professor Gan quoted “"Through our collaboration with Seabery, we are pioneering a new era in welding education, where cutting-edge technology meets expert knowledge. Our vision is to empower learners worldwide with immersive and risk-free training experiences, shaping them into skilled professionals ready to thrive in the Industry 4.0 landscape. Together with Seabery, we are forging a path towards excellence, revolutionizing the welding industry, and building a brighter future for all."

Through this partnership, TWI and Seabery aim to democratize quality welding training, ensuring that aspiring welders and seasoned professionals alike can access state-of-the-art educational resources. By embracing augmented technology simulation, the future of welding education has never looked brighter.

As the welding industry sets its sights on embracing the possibilities of Industry 4.0, the collaboration between TWI and Seabery promises to be a game-changer. By combining their respective strengths, the two companies are poised to reshape welding education through augmented technology simulation. With Seabery's Soldamatic simulator and TWI's educational content, learners will be empowered to embark on a journey towards excellence in welding. As the world witnesses the rise of a new era in welding training, TWI and Seabery stand at the helm, steering industries towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

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