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Ignite Progress: TWI's Largest Welding Bay

Wed, 11 October, 2023

TWI South East Asia is on the cusp of unveiling its monumental welding bay expansion in a seismic leap toward innovation and excellence. This endeavour promises to etch its name in the annals of industrial education.

The decision to embark on this awe-inspiring expansion is nothing short of visionary. Driven by an insatiable demand for welding training, TWI Malaysia stands poised to claim the title of the world’s largest welding bay among its revered TWI counterparts.

The resounding commitment to meet the soaring demand for welding excellence is at the heart of this audacious move. Our state-of-the-art facility in Malaysia has been a vanguard, delivering top-tier Technical and Vocational Education and Training (“TVET”) to an eclectic array of communities, from underprivileged individuals to dynamic corporate entities.

Imagine a canvas where Majlis Agama Islam & Adat Istiadat Negeri Perlis (MAIPS), Sime Darby Foundation, Zakat Pulau Pinang, Yayasan Peneraju, and Nitkerz Sdn Bhd converge with a common purpose – to sculpt their welding prowess. This vivid spectrum of participants, complemented by our public courses, paints the vibrant tapestry of learning at TWI Malaysia.

Beneath the vast expanse of the largest welding bay in the TWI family, TWI’s Practical Welder training courses and qualifications flourish. An intricate blend of artistry and science, our training embraces a spectrum of arc welding processes, from the delicate strokes of TIG to the fiery vigour of MMA, MAG, MIG, and FCAW. A testament to our unwavering commitment, our welder qualification tests echo with the resonant standards of EN 9606/287, ASME IX, and BS 4872 Parts 1 and 2, forging graduates who are industry-ready titans.

As we illuminate the path to excellence, the welding bay expansion signals our readiness to embrace the tide of demand for training. With an ambitious completion target, before 2023 draws to a close, we stand poised to accommodate the deluge of training sessions set to cascade into 2024 and beyond.

At TWI South East Asia, we don’t just believe in empowerment; we wield it as a beacon. Join us on this captivating odyssey, where boundaries are redefined, and excellence and innovation meld seamlessly into the realm of welding across the region.

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