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Future Unveiled: AM Conference Insights 2023

Thu, 23 November, 2023

In a captivating spectacle organized by TWI SEA, Welding Institute Malaysia (WIM), and in collaboration with 3D Gens, the Additive Manufacturing Conference 2023 – Transforming Industries: The Future of Additive Manufacturing unfolded at the Dorsett Grand Subang on 21st November 2023. It wasn’t merely an event but a groundbreaking journey into the future of industries. Drawing an impressive crowd of over 70 participants, this conference served as a dynamic catalyst, propelling attendees into the cutting-edge realm of additive manufacturing.

IIW AM Diplomas Launch:

Amidst the groundbreaking sessions, TWI SEA and WIM unveiled a new chapter in education at the conference by launching the IIW AM Diplomas. This initiative aims to empower individuals with specialized knowledge in Additive Manufacturing, further advancing expertise in this transformative field.

From deciphering the secrets of sustainability in Additive Manufacturing to navigating the intricate landscape of Powder Bed Fusion-Process Structure Relationships and the revolutionary Direct Energy Deposition method, the conference was a beacon of innovation. It delivered an intellectually charged experience that pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D printing.

Sessions like “Shaping Malaysia’s Future Through National Regulatory Sandbox” and “Sustainable Technology for All, Not Just a Few” provided a riveting look into the regulatory landscape and the democratization of technology. These discussions are a must-read for anyone navigating the complex and ever-evolving tech terrain, offering insights as practical as forward-thinking.

Delving into the ethical landscape, “The Dilemma of Ethics, AI, and Additive Manufacturing” offered a nuanced exploration of the intersection between cutting-edge technology and ethical considerations. This session isn’t just a dialogue; it’s a roadmap for thought leaders and innovators navigating the challenges and responsibilities of deploying advanced technologies.

With a keen eye on industry applications, sessions like “Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace” and “Shaping Additive Manufacturing Adoption for Oil & Gas Industry” underscored the practical implications of 3D printing in sectors vital to our global landscape. Integrating intelligent, data-driven, and eco-efficient approaches in “Integrated Additive Manufacturing” showcased a forward-looking perspective that promises to redefine industry standards.

As we bid adieu to this transformative event, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our premier sponsors – Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), Air Products and Projet, our Gold Sponsor; and Welding Alloys and Hero Industrial Supply Sdn Bhd, our Bronze Sponsors. Their unwavering support fuels the momentum driving the additive manufacturing revolution.

Dive deeper into the future with us as we dissect the discussions, unveil the insights, and continue to shape the landscape of Additive Manufacturing. Stay tuned for an in-depth journey into the future of innovation! 

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