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Benefits of Obtaining ACFM Certification

Wed, 29 March, 2023

I am Hatim Bahi from Egypt. My background is in civil engineering, but I have also obtained a CSWIP 3.4U Underwater Inspection Controller certificate. Since 1994, I have primarily worked in Abu Dhabi mainly as a coordinator and client representative.

I came to TWI Malaysia to pursue the Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) Level 1 & 2 course. Currently, I am employed with an international company from the Netherlands that has a branch in Abu Dhabi. There is a new project taking place in Turkmenistan for which I am responsible as a coordinator and handling an ACFM job. Therefore, my employers have requested that I acquire the necessary certification to carry out the duties of both coordinator and ACFM roles.

During the course, I comprehended all the concepts, both theoretically and practically. It is vital to grasp the practical aspect in order to interpret the data correctly. Moreover, actual inspections have to be carried out to acquire accurate results, as they require the usage of special machines, probes, and software. I have a full comprehension of the fundamentals of the process and understand the purpose of the machines and software employed.

Obtaining additional certifications would provide me with numerous work opportunities, considering that the ACFM certificate is not as common among others. Moreover, the CSWIP certificate is widely recognized and accepted by all clients, allowing me more opportunities to work in various places.

Upon entering TWI, I was welcomed with exceptional hospitality. Registering was a breeze, and the staff kept me in the loop with all necessary communication before I arrived. All my questions were answered promptly, and I was given plenty of opportunities to understand the material and engage with the instructor. Clearly, the organization of the institute is top-notch.

Lastly, I highly encourage anyone considering this course to give it a go as I find the ACFM technique to be one of the most current and effective strategies in the oil industry. With the market continuing to expand, taking this course is an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the ACFM method and maximize the potential for success.

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