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Welding Engineers benefiting from Appreciation of Basic NDT

Fri, 10 June, 2022

Mohd Shahkhairil Teo bin Rizal has been involved in the welding engineering industry for over 13 years. He is now working with one of the oil and gas companies based in Lumut, Perak as a welding engineer.

To improve his technical skills in NDT activities he decided to take the Basic NDT for Managers and Engineers course for one week at TWI Malaysia. He felt lucky to have an experienced lecturer like Mohd Rashdan. This course involves 70% practical demonstrations of NDT techniques and during the training, he got to learn about Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and Radiographic Interpretation. Rashdan also demonstrated the correct use of NDT equipment, correct techniques, and how to interpret them at work.

Mohd Shahkhairil explained that this course was indeed beneficial to him and his colleagues who attended as they could improve their knowledge in the field of NDT, and have a better understanding of the concept of quality control as a whole.

Shahkhairil says as welding engineers are mostly engaged with the methodology or welding engineering concepts. But with the added practical NDT knowledge they got through this training, they got a more holistic knowledge and approach to the process of quality control.

Previously, Shahkhairil has completed CSWIP Welding Inspector, CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector, CSWIP Radiographic Interpretation of Welds, and Penetrant Testing qualifications. He plans to further improve his knowledge and skills and will continue to follow the programs offered at TWI.

Shahkhairil’s suggestion to fresh graduates who work especially in the oil and gas industry is to take the opportunity to add value to their skills by taking CSWIP certificates like NDT or welding inspection so that when job hunting, the companies show interest in your resume with the competencies you have. He mentions that this was what he did after 3 years of working, he started taking certificates and up until now he keeps on learning and adding to his knowledge and qualifications as it is very important to stay on top of your field.

Shahkhairil finds TWI’s facilities excellent, and the equipment provided completely per what is currently being used in the industry, which is a positive factor for his training needs.

In 2022, when Covid hit Shahkhairil found that job opportunities were dwindling in Malaysia. Now he can see the job demand begin to increase as the price of oil is starting to rise. He suggests his peers always be proactive in educating themselves and getting a certificate of competency so that when the market is ready to hire they will have better opportunities to get the jobs they are interested in.

Lastly, he is thankful to his company for sending him to TWI to attend this course and recommends everyone, especially fresh graduates who want to work in the oil and gas industry to come to TWI to gain knowledge and gain a certificate of competency.


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