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Qualifications for a successful career as QC engineer

Wed, 02 March, 2022

My name is Faliq bin Ajir. Over the past 7 years, I have been working as a QC Engineer in the quality control and assurance industry. I hold CSWIP Welding Inspector and currently I am taking the Radiographic Interpretation course at TWI Malaysia.

I decided to take the Radiographic Interpretation course since I found out that many projects require me to hold this qualification and be certified for it.

Even though at the site I have been exposed to the Radiographic Interpretation and had done tasks that incorporate the same concepts, over the past six days that I have attended the course, I have learned so many new things. Taking the course, I have found out about new theories which I did not expect to be involved with Radiographic Interpretation. My lecturer, Mr. Emran is very experienced, and the way he shared and related the topics of the course and theories with the hands-on site conditions and practical has made this course to be very interesting as well as a very good opportunity for me to improve my knowledge.

The course follows a new module. The examination style, sample questions, and how to answer them are as well taught and I find everything very clear.

Previously, I did not have any professional certificates. I graduated from UNIKL MFI in Welding Quality Inspection and my academic background to some extent has helped me learn this course. However, there are many differences between the academic world and the actual work. When I was studying I couldn’t see the path but when I started working I could start seeing the flow and the necessity of having the certifications.

My advice to fresh graduates out there, in the QAQC industry, is besides having academic education, they must get certified and get a vocational qualification as well. When they start working, they will notice that they must have international certifications as it is one of the industry’s important requirements.

In Malaysia, TWI is the place to take CSWIP certificate and I recommend to all my friends, whether senior or junior to attend training courses here and gain an internationally recognized certificate of CSWIP for their skills which can allow them to work anywhere in the world.

After this training, I plan to upgrade my certificate to CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector. I also have noticed that TWI offers various other training courses like the diploma of international engineer IIW which I am interested in if I find an opportunity to attend and learn. I believe it is good to continuously learn and improve our knowledge.

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