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CSWIP Certificates Helping Candidates Build a Stronger CV

Fri, 21 October, 2022

I am Haitham Saud Altobi from the Sultanate of Oman. I have been working in the oil and gas industry since 2017. Before that, I was working in the shipbuilding and ship rebuild business. Previously, I studied Mechanical Engineering.

Before joining Dry-Deck, I wasn’t thinking about working in the quality field, but when I got my job at that company, I got a chance to work in the quality department. From there, for the last 12 years, I’ve been in the quality department. Currently, I am working as QAQC Engineer in an oil production company.

I decided to take CSWIP 3.1 because we are having a welding activity that is widely used in pipeline construction and it is a requirement for inspectors to have the certificate. Having this certification will better prepare the inspectors to have good knowledge and skills to inspect the welding work on site.

Over the past few days that I have attended the course, I have learned a lot! Mr. Sulaiman is a good instructor. He is good at explaining the material and the CSWIP certificate is a strong demonstration of welding inspection competence.

This course is very important for people who are working in the inspection line. The course covers many topics related to welding from defects and Non-destructive testing (NDT) to the welding process and having all of these topics which are related to welding covered in one course is very useful and in my opinion, makes the course comprehensive and informative. I recommend all welding inspectors get a CSWIP certificate. TWI Malaysia has a good facility and the instructors here are competent and have good skills.

After taking CSWIP Welding Inspector, I am planning to continue my studies by taking CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector and BGAS-CSWIP Site Coating Inspector. Right now, most employers have put having a CSWIP certificate as a requirement for anyone who wants to work in as an inspector. So anyone who gets these certificates build a good CV for his career.

I found this course very useful for people who are working in the inspection and quality control line and I would recommend it to whoever working in inspection to have this certificate so that they have good career development and make their CV stand out.

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