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Candidate’s point of view: demand for advanced NDT is rising

Fri, 08 April, 2022

My name is Mohd Fairuz bin Rukhaya and I am from Johor Bahru. I have been working in the NDT industry since 2008 up until now I am working as an NDT Technician specialised in Ultrasonic Testing and currently I am at TWI to attend the CSWIP Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing course.

I graduated from Politeknik Johor Bahru in Mechanical Engineering and over the years, I have worked in several industries such as shipyards, machining, process plant, power plant, and offshore installation.

My first job that was involved with NDT was at MMHE Pasir Gudang. I worked on a deepwater FPSO project for almost 7 years. Then, I moved to Singapore to work as a freelancer with different companies. After 2 years I found an opportunity in the Philippines followed by another 6 years of working in Singapore. At this point, due to the challenges of the Covid19 outbreak, I decided to resign and return to Malaysia.

Initially, I learned about NDT from a colleague. I found that the NDT field is interesting and has a wide range such as Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, and Radiographic Interpretation. Now after years of being in the industry, I think learning NDT is a never-ending journey!

Over the past two weeks that I have been taking the Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing course, I have learned how to set up a machine, how to inspect, and how to interpret the inspection results. I think completing this qualification is helpful for me as well as other technicians who work in this line.

Another reason why I decided to take this course is that I wanted to upgrade myself from conventional to advanced NDT. I believe the marketability for phased array ultrasonic testing is rising. So I am interested to take this course and leverage on my skill set and qualifications for better career prospects. In my opinion, having industry-specific certifications is an advantage for university graduates as they can immediately apply what they have learned to their jobs.

I was happy to find out the equipment used for training at TWI is similar to what we use on-site. Also, my lecturer, Mr. NoorulAdha is very helpful and has shared a lot of knowledge about phased array ultrasonic testing with me. I am planning to take Time of Flight Diffraction as a supplementary qualification to PAUT in the near future to keep upgrading myself.

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