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Welding Equipment Calibration and Certification Services

Mon, 15 November, 2021

TWI Technology and VCS Calibration and Validation Standards Sdn Bhd have signed an MOU to collaborate on two key area of certifying the calibration of welding equipment.

VCS Calibration and Validation Standards Sdn Bhd is an independent company providing calibration and validation services to its customers with the most reliable and cost effective solutions for their welding and cutting engineering requirements. It consistently makes the very best efforts to provide the finest products and services to its customers.

Validation of the welding equipment in industries such as oil & gas and power generation has been a common practice for decades. Validation is the process of verifying whether the equipment are compliant to the operating specifications. Many industry sectors, especially oil & gas and power generation have the special requirement for a standard system to ensure that the correct welding parameters are being used and documented. Hence fabricators are required to get their equipment validated to ensure consistency of quality in their production lines.

Based on the EN ISO standards, it is recommended that all EN ISO 9001 companies that involve welding in their operations OR when pursuing EN ISO 3834 certification to undertake validation and calibration every 6 to 12 months when the machinery is repaired, damaged, short circuited or suspected of being in-accurate and when spare parts are changed.

VCS Calibration and Validation Standards Sdn Bhd uses its expertise and its partnership with different reputable brands to provide tune up services for the welding equipment, with reasonable costs and minimal downtime. The validation and calibration services are then certified by TWI Technology to the industry specific acceptance levels.

If you wish to inquire about the services, get in contact with Marzuqi Dalim.

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