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University Lecturer Attending CSWIP NDT Courses

Wed, 03 March, 2021

“I am Syahmi Shahmir Hayyan sanusi, a mechanical engineering lecturer and researcher at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

“Recently, I have been assigned to work on a collaboration project with one of Malaysia’s transport operators, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), for the detection of defects on their rail track and it made me think of attending NDT training to upgrade my knowledge and improve my hands-on skills using ultrasonic testing techniques.

“Honestly, when I was given the opportunity to attend this training, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPT), I was very excited as this was something that I was very much looking forward to. This sponsored programme is very beneficial not only for me, but for all the graduates who are currently participating on the course. In the university, we do not get to learn these subjects/methods in depth and we do not have access to all of the equipment to practice the theories.

“Over the past few sessions of the course that I’ve attended, I have learnt the fundamentals of ultrasonic testing and its characteristics, and I have started using the equipment to practice the testing method and detecting defects in the test sample that our trainer had provided us. Generally, the process starts with the calibration of the equipment followed by defect detection, and ends with report preparation of defect details, dimensions and sketches. I really encourage all students and graduates in the technical field who are interested in pursuing a career in quality control and inspection to come over to TWI and join these training courses because it is definitely going to be beneficial to their future.

“So far, over the past few days I have learnt a lot. The trainers have taught us all the important things because, to me, in order to understand things better, you need to have a strong knowledge of the fundamentals. As for the practical element, they take us through the steps thoroughly and show us every single step and make sure that they don’t miss anything and they really help us to understand things very quickly. So the rest is just on us to practice and familiarize ourselves with the equipment and internalize all the concepts.

“I highly encourage engineering candidates/graduates to participate in this kind of course because this not only is important for their knowledge, but it is also going to help them in landing better jobs. Nowadays, the industry requires those who have strong theoretical knowledge to also have top-notch hands-on practical skills. Certification schemes such as CSWIP can guarantee that you can cover both of these elements and take the right steps for your success in the future. Even though, I have acquired the highest level of education through my PHD, but still competency certification is what differs you from the others.

“I would like to thank the Ministry of Education Malaysia, the secretariat (UTHM and TWI) for giving me, my colleagues and graduates the opportunity to attend this training course. I found it very beneficial and I would really encourage all students to attend training courses at TWI to gain knowledge and competency, while at the same time getting a certificate that can be very useful for their future. 

“I would like to thank TWI staff (admin and trainers) and special appreciation to my instructor, Mr. Rushdan for his guidance and support throughout the course and to all the graduates currently enrolled on the course with me, all the best to all of you for your future career."

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